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Ella Makeup Removal

Play NowElla Makeup Removal

Kids love playing dressing games and customizing their characters as they wish in games. In this free online game Ella Makeup Removal, you get to remove Ella’s makeup, make her hair, and dress her up however you like. Let us tell you a little bit more about Ella Makeup Removal.

Features of Ella Makeup Removal

Here are the main features and also some trivia about Ella Makeup Removal:

  • Drawing Style: This game’s drawing is very beautifully done. You will see as soon as you open the game, that the textures are eye-pleasing. The chosen color palette works well with the game's whole concept and design.
  • Animations: Every action performable has an animation. This makes the game feel more alive. Being able to see your actions reflected on the screen gives players a great feeling.
  • Different Stages: There are 4 different stages in the game, they each start after the one before finishes, let us tell you more about them.
  • 1st Stage Makeup Removal: Here you use different tools and products to clear Ella’s makeup. The Actions you need to perform will be shown on the screen. As you perform the actions and clear the makeup, more options will be revealed.
  • 2nd Stage Skincare Routine: Once again using different objects and skincare items, you help Ella take care of her skin. In this step make sure to apply products to Ella’s whole face.
  • 3rd Stage Hair Making: In this third stage you make Ella’s hair and get her ready for dressing. It is important to be precise in this stage, otherwise, you might get stuck.
  • 4th Stage Dressing Ella: Here you can choose any item of clothing you want, and dress up Ella. In this fully customizable stage, you will enjoy freedom.

How to Play Ella Makeup Removal

It is very easy to play. Just use your pointer to click the items and perform the actions as they are displayed on the screen. No additional buttons will be necessary. You can enjoy the beautiful game simple with a mouse or just with your finger if you are on mobile.

FAQs about Ella Makeup Removal

Here are the most frequently asked questions about Ella Makeup Removal:

What should I do after removing make-up in Ella Makeup Removal?

You will progress into the next stage in which you will be helping Ella take care of her skin by using conditioners and such.

Can I save my character after finishing the game in Ella Makeup Removal?

Yes, you can. Just click on save after you are done creating the Ella you want, you will get a download pop-up letting you save the character.

Can you lose in Ella Makeup Removal?

No, you cannot. Even if you fail an action, you will still be allowed to try again. As it is with any other game, your progress will be saved as you play. So don’t worry about losing in the game and losing your progress.