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Stickmen Archer 4

Play NowStickmen Archer 4

Stickmen Archer 4 is a free online game made for people who like 2D shooters and action games. In this game, we play as Stickman, a ruthless man who keeps coming back. Our goal is to either eliminate targets or complete all the levels. You can play by yourself with no downloaded need. You may also ask your friends to play too and compare scores. Since there are many different game modes you all have a chance to find something you like.

We from are here to tell you a little bit more about this awesome game.

Game Modes in Stickmen Archer 4

There are three game mods in Stickmen Archer 4, let us look at what they are.

  • Wave Mode: In this game mode you aim at archery targets that spawn at different locations. Various boosters fall from the sky. If you manage to shoot those you get different buffs. Your score goes up every time you successfully shoot a target. If you run out of arrows it will be game over.
  • Gunner Mode: In this game mode you have a gun but bad news AI opponents also have a gun. Try to shoot your opponent before he shoots you. How many bullets your opponent dies from depends on where you shoot him. If you do a head shot he dies in 1 bullet.
  • Arcade Mode: In this game mode random CPU enemies spawn in different locations with a bow and arrow. The main goal is to shoot them all before they shoot and kill you!

How to Play Stickmen Archer 4

All you need is a pointer. A mouse if you are on pc and your finger, if you are on mobile, will do fine.

Hold your pointer to aim, pull to shoot faster or slower. If you are using a gun one click is enough to shoot. The aim adjusts itself you are only in charge of the timing of the bullets.

FAQs about Stickmen Archer 4

Here are the most frequently asked questions about Stickmen Archer 4:

Is any purchase necessary to play Stickmen Archer 4?

No, you don’t need to pay for anything or even register for any website. Just go to and start playing the game.

Will my best score save even if I quit the website while playing Stickmen Archer 4?

Yes! Your progress and the best score will always be saved on the website. uses a cloud base storage system that assured the save of your progress.

How to kill enemies with 1 shot in Stickmen Archer 4?

In order to eliminate your opponents with only 1 arrow/bullet all you need to do is aim at their head. 1 Headshot takes care of all types of enemies.

How to get an extra score in Stickmen Archer 4?

To get the extra score, shoot the airdrops with green gem signs on them. Those will provide you with extra points.