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Bubble Shooter Galaxy Defense

Play NowBubble Shooter Galaxy Defense

A New Approach To Bubble Shooter Games: The golden years of the arcade games era... There was a lone wolf around these games. A game that cooler but weirder than the others. This game was absolutely a bubble shooter game.

Today we will talk about a new type of bubble shooter. Bubble Shooter Galaxy Defense is a new type of bubble shooter. The difference is this game’s levels are not that long like the old-school one. So, you can play it easily and just blow off some steam. Also, in this game, fast decision-making ability is more important. We guess the game is cooler than ever.

Basics of Bubble Shooter Galaxy Defense:

Bubble Shooter Galaxy Defense is a game derived from classic bubble shooter games. But there are several differences between them. You will be able to learn these differences with the steps below.

  • Bubble Shooter Galaxy Defense is a new type of bubble shooter game.
  • The main difference is to pass the level, you don’t have to burst all the bubbles on the screen. In each level, there is a goal of bursts.
  • To shoot a bubble aim with your mouse cursor and click the left click of the mouse.
  • The bubbles are created randomly. So, choose wisely where you shoot the bubbles.
  • Avoid shooting different bubbles in a row. Also, the shooting angle of your mouse is crucial. If the length of the line of the bubbles without a burst will achieve your gun, game over. Shoot wisely.
  • To burst bubbles, you should collimate three of the same kind bubbles. So, three of them will be bursting.
  • To get higher points, you should play the game as fast as you can. The challenge of the game is to thinking fast, and to deciding fast. The rest of the game is child’s play.

Bubble Shooter Galaxy Defense Walkthrough

Get in your space shuttle we have a galaxy to protect

As we clarified this is not a classic bubble shooter. It is a new approach to this old-school game. So, let’s see how it’s done.

  • We enter the start menu. It seems like the menu is extremely impressed by the futuristic themes. Teal and the degrades of it. What should be about the game? Well, science fiction and space, of course.
  • To pass to the next screen we click the giant green button. We get to the level selection page. As being a new player, we click on the first level.
  • In the first level, our goal is to burst at least 15 bubbles. It is pretty easy.
  • We use our lethal aiming skill and burst 6 bubbles in a row. The main trick is the following. Let’s say we have bubble A but there is no bubble A at this time. We should shoot them anywhere. After that, we should be shooting the next bubble A towards there.
  • We earn 3 stars and burst all 15 bubbles expected by