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The Smurfs Village Cleaning

Play NowThe Smurfs Village Cleaning

Smurfs Village Cleaning Game is a fun game that you can play for free. The jester smurf left a gift pack in front of every house in smurfette village, and the packs exploded. All houses and furnishings were covered with dirt and soot. Some were broken. You have to help them in the Smurfs Village Cleanup game to restore the Smurfs village to its joyful old self. Will you help the Smurfs clean up their village?

More About The Smurfs Village Cleaning Game

The Smurfs Village Cleaning is a cute kids' game where you can help the Smurfs clean up their village after the Jockey's gift explosions.

Jockey Smurf loves to prank his Smurf friends. As we know he is a real joker! This time, however, he took things a little too far and exploded multiple gift wraps in the village again. Not only were all the beautiful Smurf houses dirty, many things were broken too!

Help the Smurfs and clean and repair broken items, some of which are unique to different Smurf characters. In return you will receive many rewards and items or decorations that you can use for your own mushroom house.

Fix Brainy's lamp, Beauty's mirror, or Smurfette's carpet and table and put all the objects together correctly. You can use glue or a hammer and nails to repair items. You will have a sponge, soap, water sprayer, and squeegee for cleaning. Also quickly unlock the ram and upgrade your cleaning tools from the Improvements menu.

Can you make everything in your Smurf village nice and clean again and repair the Smurfs' items? Shake your water hose and hammer now and play The Smurfs Village Cleaning online for free! These are just two of the projects you'll be working on in this cute simulation game. As you make various repairs in the village, you will earn decorations as well as helpful upgrades for your tools! You can use these to repair your own home.

How to Play The Smurfs Village Cleaning

The joker made a mess when he was joking, now Smurfs Village is in ruins! In this cleaning and designing game, you have to either clean or repair everything damaged. While collecting the village, you will have the opportunity to tidy up your own house and make it sparkling! Click and drag with your mouse or tap the screen. Clean and rinse the dirty items with the cleaning tools that appear on the screen. Assemble the pieces of the broken items. To do this, use your mouse from your computer or use cleaning tools by touching the screen from your mobile device.

Lather with a sponge, rinse in the fountain and then dry. After putting together the pieces of the broken items, hammer or glue them according to the type of item.

Get gifts for each house you clear and unlock items to decorate your very own house in your quaint village. In order for the Smurfs to live happily in their village, they need your help to clean the houses one by one. Play The Smurfs Village Cleaning game and make the smurfs happy.