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Timber Man Online Game Free

Play NowTimber Man Online Game Free
    You have a very risky and difficult job that no one else can do.

    Timberman is a high score game that requires a quick reaction. Help the lumberjack quickly cut down the endless tree and switch sides when a branch appears. Become the owner of the high score with a quick reaction!

    About the game

    Whoever designed the Timberman game, the impression it made on us is that it started with a raw idea that came out a few days before starting the project. While successful games pursue perfection for months, maybe years, Timberman is the embodiment of games that do the opposite. A new one has been added to the familiar reflex games that are very easy to learn but difficult to master, and it is quite possible for your brain to get jelly during long game seasons. If you are ambitious, especially in games where you need to react, you will not be able to get rid of this game.

    Grab your ax, take your position and start cutting. You will be taken to a series of various environments where you must use your ax to cut down the forests you see. Whether it's a tree in the forest, a high pile of iron or an ancient Egyptian monument, you need to use your ax and try to shorten unpredictable tall objects. When chopping these objects, you should be careful not to crush them under the branches. In order not to get stuck in the branches, you need to move quickly around the wood by left clicking or using the arrow keys on the opposite side of the branch. You have a time limit that is running out fast. The time bar refills with each successful move, so you can keep going until you hit a branch or it takes too long to make a move. Don't forget to unlock new parts of the world that you can build with the coins you carry. Also try new environments and new characters for fun gameplay!

    How to Play Timber man?

    It's simple to describe what you need to do in the game. In the game where you extract wood with ax blows next to a big tree, the tree falls on the strut. In the meantime, you have to continue your work by running left and right in order not to be under the branches of the descending tree. The faster you play, the more points you earn, and there's a Flappy Bird-like counter above.

    It is not known whether sentences such as "There is no better woodcutter than me in the virtual environment" will emerge after this game, but a new game has been released for those who want to test their finger reflexes. Timberman is a game that tests patience and skills. I wish you as little suffering as possible while being addicted.