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Wizard School Game

Play NowWizard School Game

Wizard School, where you will serve hundreds of students by opening a large magic school and train countless magicians with interesting features, is a fun game offered to game enthusiasts from two different platforms with Android and IOS versions.

There are hundreds of amazing magic tricks and spells in the game.

The aim of this game, which draws attention with its colorful graphics and enjoyable sound effects, is to run a large magic school that you will build, to complete various tasks and to level up by expanding the scope of the school. With a child character directing you, you must follow the commands and provide the materials needed for school. After opening the school, you can build dormitories and laboratories with the money from the students. In this way, you can ensure that the magicians receive a better education and earn extra rewards.

Wizard School, which is among the simulation games and offered for free, stands out as an immersive game preferred by more than 1 million game enthusiasts.

Wizard School is a fantasy strategy game where you build and manage a school for witches and wizards. This school is very special because it trains boys and girls to become witches and wizards! But of course the lessons and the construction need to be financed. Earn money, gems and magical flowers by teaching good lessons and completing quests.

Also, monster battles and collecting holy water from the magic well will bring you the necessary resources that you need to use strategically. Also harvest the magic tree and don't miss the regular magic gifts!

How to Play Wizard's School?

The gifted students are greeted by a goblin butler at the entrance and are transformed into mage disciples in the magical transducer. Then build different classes for lessons and keep leveling up.

Start with the basics of magic. Next in the curriculum are the spells and potions from the Herbarium. Keep building new classrooms and halls for the Sorcerer's School and add new seats to them periodically. This way you can have more sorcerer students train and learn at the same time. Only satisfied students will bring you profit, and who likes to wait long for their eagerly awaited lessons?

Of course, you can equip rooms with better teaching tools and speed up and improve lessons. To do this, upgrade the levels of the rooms, the speed of the teachers and the equipment.

Mysterious powers also enhance student traits such as intelligence and the ability to swing wands and broomsticks.

Check the scroll containing the quests regularly and collect your rewards.

Wizard School is a fun game that you can play for free. In the modern world, some children are born with magical powers. And there is a private school that specializes in teaching them how to use wands and control powers. Build your own school of wizards and join us to build and manage a school of wizards!