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Fireboy and Watergirl 5

Play NowFireboy and Watergirl 5

Basics of Fireboy and Watergirl 5 Elements:

When you are in fireboy and watergirl elements online play, you can have several questions about the basics. Here are the basics of the game.

Movement of the characters:

This game is based on playing the whole game by using just a keyboard.

Fireboy: To move Fireboy on the map, you should use the arrows on your keyboard. By the way, the upward arrow will make him jump.

Watergirl: To move Watergirl on the map, you should use the keys "W, A, D". To make jump Watergirl, you should use "W".


There are several dangers in the game that you should be avoided when you are playing fireboy and watergirl online.

Fire: Be careful, folks! Fire is dangerous while you are controlling Watergirl. It is not harmful to Fireboy.

Water: Hey, wait there! Water will be killing Fireboy. So don’t touch the water with Fireboy. Water is not dangerous for Watergirl.

Green Liquid: Green liquid is lethal for both the characters. It kills two of them.


There are several tools in the game that you will get the help of them. They are the following.

Lever: Lever is a tool that you can use to open and close the gates or to activate something. Once you push it, it will stay the same.

Button: Buttons are objects that work like levers, but they only work with weight. If you remove the weight, they will be no more active. Some of the buttons are timed. Once you activate them the activation works for a little time.

Box: In this game, you can use the boxes to clear your way or put weights on the buttons. They can move by pushing.

Fireboy and Watergirl 5 walkthrough

Today we have been informing you about fireboy and water girl elements unblocked. So, how should we play the game to get maximum joy? Follow our lead!

  • When we open the game, the lights on the hall doors are lighting with different colors. Probably it is about the elements in the game. First, it is dark and we sense a redness in the darkness. After that, the darkness again. Hello, our old friend. We come to see you again.
  • We click on to start button with the yellow color pass through the next phase.
  • The level structure of this game is a bit different than the usual. The levels progress from up to lower ground. There is a triangle shape. We click on the end of it to start.
  • This is the usual introduction level we directly pass towards the next level to explain to you more thing because the explanation to this level exists there.
  • When we start to play the second level, our characters are on the left and right top corner of the map. We will be going down to end the level.
  • We take Fireboy to the down by tracking across the line. Because the diamonds are located this way. The game is trying to help us that way. The same logic is applied by Watergirl when we use her.
  • There is a lever to make free a box. This box will be beneficial to take Watergirl, too. We put it on a button.
  • There is water below the platform if Watergirl doesn’t push the lever, Fireboy can’t pass through. So, we push the lever and Fireboy falls.
  • At the end of the level, Watergirl’s door is on the right bottom corner. We jump over the fire and access it. Fireboy’s door is on the left bottom corner of the map. But there is no water to jump over it. We directly go to Fireboy’s door.
  • The level ends. You can continue.