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Fireboy and Watergirl 3

Play Now Fireboy and Watergirl 3

Fireboy and Watergirl ice temple is the greatest online game. You can play multiplayer just by a keyboard without an extra tool.

Did you get bored with the games without any effort? Do you need a smarter game for smarter people? You have a visitor but don’t have any extra controllers or computers to play together? You should play an online multiplayer game.

What is the name of this game? This game is Fireboy and water girl 3 in the ice temple. Can you play fireboy and watergirl online with friends? Unfortunately, no. But by using a single computer you can play this game with your friend by your keyboard. This is a great multiplayer game to play in your home. Through this website, you can play fireboy and water girl 3 online free. Enjoy this opportunity!

An Old but Wonderful Online Multiplayer Game:

You heard of the game a little on the above. You will be able to find the basics of fireboy & watergirl ice temple. There are distinct differences between the other games of fireboy and watergirl. What are they? Let’s see.

  • Fireboy’s controls are done by the arrows of your keyboard.
  • Watergirl will be moving if you use "A, W, and D".
  • Fireboy can jump if you press on the upward arrow.
  • Watergirl can jump if you press on "W" button.
  • Fireboy will be dead if you make him touch the water or the green liquid.
  • Watergirl will be dead if you make her touch the fire or the green liquid.
  • Levers are movable tools that you can make active by pushing them towards anywhere. They will be active if you don’t move it again.
  • Buttons are the most common tools in the game. To keep them active, make sure that you put some weight on them. Sometimes this weight can be a character you control or a box.
  • If you stand on the light, you will be cutting down the flow of the light. Make sure you don’t wait on the light.
  • You should use mirrors to arrange the angle of the light.
  • If you are able to bring the light to the true detectors, you can open the gates. Each detector opens a different gate.
  • You can move any object on the game by walking towards them except the gates. Gate can be opened by the proper devices in the game like detectors.
  • You can collect collectible red objects with Fireboy and the collectible blue objects with Waterboy.
  • To end the game, stand on the doors with the characters. If you stay on the right door, the door will be opening.

We play this legendary game together. Look! A walkthrough:

We mentioned how you play the game. We should literally dive into the game to explain better the ice temple fireboy and watergirl online. Clarity is always important.

  • To start the game, we click on the yellow text that glows. It says "play". So, we will be playing.
  • Like all the Fireboy and Watergirl games, there is a level decision map. We decide to play the level on the right. This level is better for the introduction phase.
  • There is a line of light. We move away from it to keep the gate open. Basically, we jump on the wall. After the gate opens, there is a box with a mirror on it. To continue, we should drop the lights on the detector. We push the box a little. As the light refracted and directed by the mirror, we open the gate.
  • There is a lever upside, when we trigger it, the mirror on the top moves and directs the light to a different detector. So, we open a different gate.
  • After that gate, there is a rheostat to arrange the angle of the night. We push the circle on it till the light is in the true angle. The light should be directed towards the detector at a lower angle. After we bring the light to this detector, the last gate in the level opens up.
  • We take our characters to their doors to end the level.