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Gone Fishing

Play NowGone Fishing

Imagine the most peaceful place possible on earth. Where could it be? A tip: after that activity, you can eat one of the healthiest foods. Bingo! It’s fishing.

There is a game based on this great activity. Gone Fishing is the game that you can cast your fishing line and fish. This is the underrated face of tranquility. Also, you can sell your fishes and fish more with better types of equipment. Better equipment means better fish. Better fish means better equipment. Such a wonderful loop!

Basics of Gone Fishing:

So, you have grabbed your fishing rod and sit down on the boat. Alright, let’s learn the basics.

  • Gone Fishing is a fishing game. You can collect different kinds of fishes and improve your fishing gear.
  • The goal is to collect all the different kinds of fish species. Start with the easy ones and go beyond them.
  • You can cast your fishing line by left click. After your barb reaches the deepest point that line can go, the fisherman starts to recast his fishing line. You can collect fishes by moving your barb towards the fishes.
  • After the fishes achieve the surface, you should aim and shoot those fishes, or else they will be escaping.
  • After victorious fishing round, you can improve your fishing gadgets in the shop.

Gone Fishing Walkthrough

We will spend a little quality time around the lake. Come on in!

So, here is the deal. We will grab our fishing rods and fishing lines. After that? We will fish and shoot the fishes. You will be learning how these things work. Alright?

  • When we open the game, we see everything related to freedom and peace. There is a wavy river. We see a fish jumping around the surface of the river. A pleased mate is casting a fishing line. Also, we see M4A-1 and a different form of it. This is a total American game obviously.
  • There is only a button on the very screen. We click on the start button to play the game. The game tells us today we are fishing. It’s obvious, then. To start, we click on the screen. The game explains to us the basics.
  • So, our first goal is to fish 2 orange fishes. We cast our fishing line to the depths. We choose our goals. When the fisherman mate is recasting its line, we collect two of the orange fishes.
  • After we grab them to the surface we shoot them with our gun. Each of the fishes is equal to $40. So, we earn $80 for two fishes. The game directs us towards the shop but this money is not enough to buy anything.
  • So, what do the gamblers say? Go fish! We fish again and collect two orange fishes again. We decide to improve the strength of our fishing rod.
  • So, the game goes on.