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Shark Attack Online Game

Play NowShark Attack Online Game

Probably you haven’t traveled the world or the seven seas. But you should be sure that everyone is looking for something.

Shark Attack is the game that you take the true king of the seven seas and rule ‘em all. Take your shark and paint the sea red! Jaws would proud of this game. Do you smell blood? We do!

Basics of Shark Attack

Shark Attack is a great game. Would you like to learn the basics of it?

  • Shark Attack is a hunting game that you control a shark. Your goal is to eat as much as you can. You can literally eat everything you see.
  • You control the shark with your mouse cursor. If you double click on the screen, you start the boost. Once you consumed the boost, it will be regenerated in a few seconds.
  • To eat something, you should touch it.
  • You should avoid the missiles shot by the ships and jellyfishes. If you touch or eat them, your health will be decreased.
  • You should refill your oxygen often by visiting the surface. If your air bar ends, you die instantly.
  • You can sink the ships with multiple bites.
  • Try to make combos to get more points!

A Walkthrough on Shark Attack

Let’s rule the blue seas for a while. You are able to see how Shark Attack is played.

  • As we start Shark Attack, we click on the play button that floats in a bubble.
  • We find ourselves in the depths of the ocean. Let’s see ‘em who is the king of the blues!
  • We eat two humans in a row. Everyone escapes from us. Why? Because we are the superior ones!
  • We see the situation that there is an excess in air. We go to the surface and take a deep breath. By the way, we eat sea birds hanging in the air.
  • We are back in business again. We slay the entire ecosystem and end our hunger.
  • Some ignorant pirate ship sends a few shells towards us. How dare they? Some of the shells touch us.
  • Oh no! When we try to escape from the shells, we eat jellyfish. We die. Mamba out!


Can I play Shark Attack by a controller or keyboard?

Unfortunately, you can’t play Free Shark Attack Game with a controller or keyboard. Shark Attack’s configurations only support the mouse.

Are there any levels in Shark Attack?

No, there is no difficulty level or any kind of level in Shark Attack Game Unblocked. It is like an endless runner game.

Are there any power-ups in Shark Attack?

Yes, there are several power-ups in Free Shark Attack Online. The heart in a bubble restores your health, and the bubbles in a bubble restore your air bar which is the most important aspect of the game.