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Heroic Quest Game

Play NowHeroic Quest Game

Do you remember the cool walk of Iron Man after he makes it explode the entire building?

Imagine a game that is based on this coolness. Heroic Quest is the game that you walk and kill your enemies at the same time. There is no more masculine game than that. You beat ‘em and walk like there is nothing weird about it.

Basics of Heroic Quest

In this section, you are able to find out the basic features of Heroic Quest.

  • Heroic Quest is an endless runner game that you walk till you die while you fight.
  • You control the character by “W, A, D”. “A, D” to walk to the left and right, “W” to jump.
  • You attack with the left click of your mouse.
  • You can select swordsman, hunter, and berserker. The swordsman and Berserker are a close fighter. Hunter is an archer. He is a distance fighter.
  • There are power-ups in Heroic Quest that enables your character to increase their power. You can find them by killing the enemies.
  • You can save money to improve the qualities of your characters. It is done by the section you see each time you die.

A Walkthrough on Heroic Quest

Today we are going for the glory. Will you, my friend, join us for an amazing journey?

  • We start our adventure by clicking on the green hexagon-shaped start button.
  • There is a character improvement and selection section. We take hunter. We have no coin so we pass here by clicking on the green start button.
  • We start our walk for the glory! As we start an enemy in black comes from our left. We deal with him, LEGENDARILY.
  • On the right, there are more of ‘em. They are 4 enemies. We kill those cowards, too. They are not brave enough to face us 1 on 1.
  • Our arrows are literally everywhere. We find a power-up. Our soldier starts to throw triple arrows. Also, we throw dagger frequently.
  • Our enemies in the sky appear. They look like crows who throw spells on us. We beat them, too.
  • Oh no! Here they are! The people with a skull on their faces. They beat us and we die. This is sad but true.


How can I improve the stats of my character in Heroic Quest?

You can improve the stats of your character in the Free Heroic Quest Game. To do that, come to the improvement section and click on the “+” in the section.

What is the difference between Berserker and Swordsman in Heroic Quest?

In Heroic Quest Unblocked, Berserker gives more damage but walks slower than Swordsman. So, Berserker is a bit boring actually.

How should I play with Hunter in Heroic Quest?

Hunter is probably the coolest character in Free Heroic Quest Online. You should play this character with the frog-hop technique.