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Soccer 2018 Face Art

Play NowSoccer 2018 Face Art

Women are creatures that make the world a more beautiful place. Most of the masterpieces were arranged for a beautiful woman. So, soccer is a man-dominated sport. What will beautify it? The solution is easy peasy lemon squeezy. Just include the women.

The most beautiful views from the football fans are occurred by the photos of women. Anyway, Elsa is interested in soccer, too. She wants to support Belgium or France she is a little confused. She needs a handy person to take care of the problems on her face. Also, this person should have great taste in makeup gadgets. Who is this person? Absolutely we are not? But, maybe you are this person. So, grab your mighty weapons and help Elsa, the snow princess. A princess’s best friend should be you. Consider, how cool is this?

Basics of Soccer 2018 Face Art

Our beautiful girl Elsa wants to support her team in FIFA 2018. So, we need to help her to get entertained. Here they are, a little help to play the game better.

  • Soccer 2018 Face Art is both a makeup game and a puzzle based on find-the-hidden-objects.
  • To find a hidden object you need to look around in Elsa’s room. The hidden objects will be seeming a little transparent. You can differentiate them by this feature.
  • After you complete a level, there will be a big pink button on the bottom left corner of the game
  • To use a makeup tool, click on it and draw circles around Elsa’s face.
  • To play the game correctly, follow the tiny blue arrows that appearing on the screen.
  • Your goal is to make Elsa the most beautiful girl of the FIFA 2018

Soccer 2018 Face Art Walkthrough

Let’s apply our war makeups. Well, make-ups for soccer.

As we said, soccer is better with the help of women. So, let’s help our beautiful girl, Elsa to enhance her beauty with related makeup. But first, her face needs help.

  • We open the game. We see our beautiful girl Elsa with the colors of the French flag. God! Why all the beautiful girls support them, we don’t know. We click the big pink play button to start. It seems like Elsa did not behave herself well. We need to behave herself. The game gives us the exact brief. We click the button.
  • It seems like a lot of balls were hidden in Elsa’s room... To do this, we need to look around her room. It is not good behavior to touch a stranger’s items. Anyway, we play the game, so, the crime belongs to the game. We find all of them. They are hidden in several places around her room.
  • After we find the balls, Elsa comes to the screen. There are weird hairs and other dermatological diseases. We need to control them.
  • But the duty of our ends here. If we play all the game, who will be seeing her beautiful face with the country her love? Obviously, you.