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Halloween Princess Makeover

Play NowHalloween Princess Makeover

Beautiful and Scary at the Same Time : Halloween is one of the most important days of the year. You gather around with your buddies, maybe go around to ask the elder people “trick or treat?”. For us, tricks are always better than the treat. Why? All of the treats are made of sugar. This is so unhealthy. Yes, I’m shutting up. They are great! Yummy! Also, the costumes are the best things especially when you have worn the matched costumes with your fellas. Imagine, you wear the same exact clothes from your favorite cartoon. That would be awesome!

Anyway, our beautiful princess decided to go out on Halloween. But her face is a mess right now. She needs someone who will care for our skin. Someone who will help her to get rid of the diseases on her face. Would you like to help her out? Trust us, she is the greatest person ever.

Basics of Halloween Princess Makeover

Our cool and beautiful princess needs help with her makeup on Halloween. How to help her? We will be telling.

  • Halloween Princess Makeover is a makeup game. Your goal is to create great makeup for our little princess.
  • To use a makeup tool click them in accordance with the tiny arrows on the screen. General usage is to drawing circles with your mouse cursor.
  • To remove the plasters from the princess’s face, drag the little ball in the pointed area.
  • First, you help the princess to get rid of her skin diseases, then clean her face. The last step is to makeup. To follow orders, watch out for the tiny arrows.
  • Remember to ask trick or treat, folks!

Halloween Princess Makeover Walkthrough: We want to scare ‘em all! A walkthrough

Our little cutie needs help on Halloween. Who will help her? Of course, us. Let’s begin.

  • When we enter the game, we see a gorgeous girl with a transparent dress and a bloody knife. We hope it is a part of her cosplay. By the way, there is a cute owl on her shoulder. Cool! It looks like the girl is in a cemetery. There are tombstones behind her. What a brave girl!
  • We click the heart-shaped golden button to start.
  • Three photos hanging on a rope. These are the levels. At first, we will get rid of skin diseases. After that, we will be cleaning her face. The last step is to makeup. These steps are obvious from the photos.
  • We click the first photo from the left.
  • There are several diseases like acne, blackheads, weird-looking hairs, and scars. We need to handle them all.
  • At first, we cut down the weird-looking hairs with our scissors shaped like a spider.
  • Then we remove the acnes with the tool with a Frankenstein's head.
  • After that, we apply plasters to the scars. These plasters seem weird. After a while, we remove them from the princess’s face.
  • After all that process, we apply a purple mask on the princess’s face.