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Instagirls Halloween

Play NowInstagirls Halloween

Are you looking for letting out your inner fashionista? The brand new Instagirls Halloween is exactly what you need. This free online game gives you the opportunity to create the scariest combination for Halloween! You play as a social media influencer trying to find the perfect costume for Halloween. Dress up, take a picture and drown in likes!

Features of Instagirls Halloween

To create absolute fashion you need many clothes! In Instagirls Halloween you will have more than you will ever need. The rich wardrobe enables you to combine a limitless number of outfits. The scarier you get the more likes you earn!

Mechanics of Instagirls Halloween!

Mechanics of Instagirls Halloween are simple yet very useful.

Likes to money system: The likes from your posts are returned to you in dollars. With that money, you can buy new stuff and get more likes with even more fashionable outfits! Items with higher prices and compatibilities will make you more money!

How to Play Instagirls Halloween?

The controls are very simple. You can use your mouse or finger to browse through menus and items. You just click or tap on the item you want to buy and it is yours!</p

Game Walkthrough of Instagirls Halloween

Since Instagirl Halloween is a free online website game, you will have to first go to and find the game by searching its name in the browser.

You start the game by choosing your Instagirl. There are enough characters to find one that looks like you. After choosing your character, you are taken to a shop where you can buy many great items for different prices. The selection of items includes T-shirts, dresses, accessories, shoes, and hairstyles. After you are done dressing your character up you need to take a picture and post it. You will earn likes from the post to buy even scarier outfits! But be original! Posting the same thing multiple times may bore people and decrease the number of likes you get!

Frequently Asked Questions About Instagirls Halloween

Here we answer your most asked questions.

How can I play Instagirls Haloween?

Instagirls Halloween is a free-to-play online game with adaptability features. Meaning you can play it on every single device with an internet connection! Enjoy a portable and fun game!

Do I have to download Instagirls Halloween to my computer?

No, you do not have to! This game is streamed by so you will not have to download anything to your computer.

Will I lose my progress if I quit the website?

No, you will not! saves all the game data for each game you play. So, you can take a break without worrying about all of your progress being lost. You can also clear your game data to have a fresh start!