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Mango Mania

Play NowMango Mania

Looking for a fresh breath on casual platforming games? Do you want great graphics? Then Mango Mania will be your new jam! This brand new free online game will be your favorite pass-time activity!

Features of Mango Mania

With its changing maps, Mango Mania gives you an immersive and exciting game experience. Each map has its own puzzle-like level system. The main goal is to grab the diamond to move to the next level. However, the achievement menu will give you an extra option. The different achievement requirements will lengthen your playtime, causing you to have more of that incredible fun. Alongside the diamonds, there are mangos to feed your hungry iguana. Each level has three mangos each of them giving a thousand points. Collect all the mangos to pass with flying colors.

Are you a hardcore gamer that wants full concentration? You can simply turn on and turn off the sound with a single click on the sound icon!

Core Mechanics of Mango Mania

This tiny game contains a lot!

  • strong>Portal System: In the levels to come you will see portals which teleport you from one port to another. On some levels, you will need to use them successfully to reach your shiny diamond!
  • Breaking Walls: On some maps, there are shattered walls. A single jump will destroy them. So you have to be careful and make your plans up front to finish the level. Once the wall is gone you will not have them back until you restart the level.
  • Cannons: The cannons on Mango Mania are a form of active obstacle. Bullets fired at a constant period will leave you no choice but to calculate your every move! You will feel your brain work as you play.
  • Altering parkour maps: On each level, there are different maps of increasing difficulties. Each map will require a different solution.

Questions You May Have About Mango Mania

Here we answered the questions about Mango Mania.

How Do I Play Mango Mania?

First, go to online game website. Then search for Mango Mania on the browser of the site. The gameplay is easy to grasp. You only use your mouse/finger to tap on the screen to jump. You can jump on walls by facing them and clicking to jump again.

Can I play Mango Mania for free on all my devices?

Hell yeah, you can! Mango Mania is a free-to-play online game. You can play it on your phone/tablet/pc or any operating system. You will not even need to download it since it is streamed by!

Does Mango Mania End?

For now, it does. Mango Mania contains a total of 30 levels. However, to complete each level with a perfect score will require a great deal of your brainpower. The satisfaction after collecting 3 mangos is indescribable!

Can you die in Mango Mania?

Yes, you can die in various ways. Hitting a bullet, falling out of the map, and landing on spikes will kill you. However, do not worry you can easily restart the level with a single click on the restart button!