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Tower Defense

Play NowTower Defense

Probably you heard about the middle age towers. Vikings, Goths, Visigoths, Huns, and all the other barbarians were marching Europe to loot the wealth belongs to Europeans.

In our game, we will be heading back to these times.

In Tower Defense, the goal is basic: to keep out the barbarian invaders. In this process, you have several agents to do this mission.

Archer towers, magician towers, bomber towers, barracks that contain your brave and honored soldiers. All of them will be fighting for your glory. Your mission is the place them strategically. The location of every single building has crucial importance.

When you play the game, invaders come from the start of the road. They will try to achieve the end of the road. If they pass there, they will be harming your civilized respectful people. They shall not pass!

Basics of Tower Defense

  • The game is a level-based one. Your success in the game is measured on three stars. If you get three stars, you are successful.
  • There are four types of towers in tower defense. Your objective in the game is to disable the enemies to achieve the end of the road. Archer tower is the tower that attacks your enemy from a distance and has less damage than the other towers. The advantage of it is its attack speed. Another tower is a magical tower. This tower attacks your enemies with magic cannons. Placing the archer tower and magic tower side by side is a good strategy for this game. The other tower is the bomber tower. This tower has the slowest attack speed but its damage is enormous. You should use it against the most powerful enemies.
  • The other building you can use is the barrack tower. It is different than the other towers. Because it has no attacks made by the building. You can produce soldiers by the barracks.
  • There is a section called tech-ups. You get there to improve your towers and soldiers. This is the most important section because at every level the game becomes harder.

Let’s protect our Homeland! The Walkthrough

When we open the website, we see a huge play button that is written “Play Now!” below it.

  • We click it and the game automatically opens in full screen. We click the play button in green. There are three buttons on the screen. One of them is in green that directs you to the other games of the publisher. The red button says a new game. We click the yellow button above on two of them. That is start defense.
  • We see the levels of the game. A tiny hand directs us towards the first level. We click on it. There are difficulty options as “easy”, “hard” and “expert”. This is a pretty hard game, we choose easy.
  • There are three locations to build your towers. And 300 game tech points to build them. We build 3 archer towers. The amount of tech points is enough for that. Suddenly, the enemies are marching towards us.
  • Every single kill provides us tech points in the game. We upgrade one of our archer towers.
  • We finish the first level successfully and win 100 tech cashes to enhance any of our towers.

This is a great browser game to blow off some steam. Even A thrash office computer can open it.