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Bride Preps

Play NowBride Preps

Let’s be the guest of the cutest couple ever. Two cute cats are marrying, and they need to hire a professional to arrange their wedding. Where is that wedding? On your browser, folks. Let’s come together and give them the best wedding they can imagine. Trust us, this issue is not hard. They are already a spectacular couple. The only thing they need a stylist with great taste.

Basics of Bride Preps:

Let’s see the basics of Bride Preps. You can learn how to play Bride Preps here.

  • Bride Preps is the game that you arrange a cute wedding of two cats.
  • First, you decide on the wedding dress. To select an item, you should click on it.
  • In the next phase, you arrange the composition of the wedding room. To change the objects you can click again and again on the items on the bottom of the screen.
  • In the end, they marry as we arranged. Be sure that everything is purrfect. This the happiest day of our lovely bride.

A Walkthrough on Bride Preps:

Let’s arrange a beautiful bride’s and a nice groom’s wedding together. They will live happily forever with the help of you.

  • As we open the game, we see a few cute pets on the screen. Obviously, some of them are marrying.
  • We click on the blue start button on the left bottom to start the game.
  • First, we decide on the clothes for our cute cat bride. We decide to select a simple wedding dress. The shoes with the matching fabulous colors. Look at that veil! Her veil is awesome.
  • We click on the pink continue button on the bottom.
  • Now we decide on the decoration of her room. We arrange a minimalist design. We see the carpet redundant. Also having flowers is not necessary, too. Why? Look those two! They are literally glowing with their beauties. To enhance their glowing, we put on some candles in the room.
  • For background, we decide to put on a few ancient Roman-style columns.
  • As you all know, less is more! Without fancy details, they are stunning. You can’t keep out your eyes from them.


How many wedding dress alternatives are there in the game?

In this online dressing game, there are 4 different wedding dresses. Both of them look awesome on our lovely bride.

Can I change the clothes of the groom?

Unfortunately, you can’t select the clothes for the groom. In this free wedding game online, you can only change the arrangement of the wedding room and the bride’s clothes.

Are there any point mechanism or juries in Bride Preps?

No. The only determinant is your taste in that game. No one dares to be critical about your taste. We trust in your decisions, girl.