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Annie Summer Party

Play NowAnnie Summer Party

Hey gorgeous! Did you meet Annie yet? She needs you to prepare her for the summer party. As we are present you with a game that allows you to show your taste in fashion and creativity. Annie needs you to do her make-up and dress her just right. Put some color on cheeks, put a surfboard on hand, choose the bikini and we are ready to go. If you are also ready, let’s start the game!

Annie needs your advice, so you should start the game right away. Here is what you should know if you wish to take a look at it before the start.

Walking Through to Annie Summer Party: Rock the Party

  1. You should click the “play” button and start the game. As Annie says what she needs you should click the “next” button and prepare her. First of all, Annie wants to wear make-up. You can do her make-up with a bunch of color selections for lipsticks, eyelashes, and cheeks. You have five options for each category.
  2. Besides, make-up, you can also change her hairstyle, hair color, and eye color. You can click the icons on the left as to where you want to change. The options are shown at the bottom of the page. Also, some options are extraordinary which can spice up the style you are wanting to create such as blue lipsticks, purple eyes, blue hair, purple blush, etc.
  3. Then as Annie says she is ready for putting some clothes on, you will dress her. You can choose whether swimsuits or bikinis for her. The bikinis are shown on the left and the swimsuits are on the right of the page. You should click on the clothes; shoes or surfboards you are wanting to choose. You can stylishly dress Annie or you dress her for surfing. The shoes are fit for both styles.
  4. If you want to dress her for surfing, you can complete her outfit with different colors of gloves and shoes. Of course, the surfboards are waiting for you to choose them. There are a bunch of surfboards in different colors and with different designs and designs on them.

Frequently Asked Questions About Annie Summer Party

The faqs about Annie Summer Party are all answered just for you.

Can I go back to the make-up page when I am on the dressing page?

Unfortunately, you cannot. But it is super easy to restart the game. It takes less than 30 seconds.

If I don’t want to make her up what should I do?

Even though you have plenty of options, you can always free to leave her as natural.

Do I have any time limit for finishing the game?

No, of course, you don’t! You can take your time as long as you want.