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Queen Of Glitter Prom Ball

Play NowQueen Of Glitter Prom Ball

All the little women’s most entertaining activity is deciding a beautiful girl’s clothes for a spectacular prom.

At the end of the day, all of them will be one of them. Girl! You will be the greatest stylist in the world. Consider this as an exercise for your bright future.

Queen of Glitter Prom Ball takes place just before an amazing prom night. We have four gorgeous beauties who want to be the star of the night. As their advisor, you have to help them to be the most spectacular girl of the night. Remember, when you grow up, you will one of them. Of course, you will more beautiful than them.

Basics Queen of Glitter Prom Ball

  • Queen of Glitter Prom Ball is a styling game. The goal is to be appreciated by the jury in the prom hall.
  • There are four young girls that you should decide on their dresses, accessories, shoes, and hairstyles. These four parts of your combination should be a perfect match.
  • Juries make their consideration in accordance with the harmony of the girls, too. So, make sure that the girls’ clothes are not cooked with each other.
  • The game’s music is a bit loud. It is better to lower your computer’s sound level by your system a bit.
  • First, you decide the dresses they will be using and shoes. After them, the fabulous accessories, and spectacular haircuts.
  • The juries give points to your girls. You see the emotions felt by the girls from their faces. If your decisions were accurate, they will be happy.

Queen of Glitter Prom Ball Walkthrough

We start the game by our browser. After a while, we are avoiding the publisher’s ads. There is a pink play button. We click it.

  • There are four beautiful girls on the screen. It seems like they have different feelings after the prom night. Some of them are upset some of them are proud. We click the pink heart-shaped button on the bottom left corner.
  • Our beauties express their feelings about the night. They are excited about it. Let’s prepare them by clicking the pink tick button at the bottom left.
  • The first girl is a blonde one. We select her a lovely light blue dress. There is a legendary turquoise heeled shoe that’s a perfect match! She doesn’t need any fancy haircuts. Her hair’s regular form is spectacular.
  • We don’t care about the other girls. The first girl must be the most beautiful. We are choosing random combines for others. It’s evil but never mind them.
  • The other girls are crying but our girl is happy. Yeah! I call this a prom. You can’t get always you want sweeties.

You don’t have to please everyone you know. There is no necessity to do this. You can have fun by creating evil plans for these four girls. Or else, play the game as a lame person by working both of them. Free choice, folks.