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Math Tasks True or False

Play NowMath Tasks True or False

A Perfect Exercise for Your Brain and It is Free-To-Play: Learn from the bottom or hone your existing skills by Math Tasks True or False. This online free-to-play game will give you an exciting challenge! This game will make your kids love their math classes. While being fun this game can be used as a fun class activity to make the students learn mathematics more attentively and excitingly. The colorful menu and numbers make the game more interesting. Master your four operations skills while having immense fun!

Features of Math Tasks True or False

A colorful menu and numbers will make it easier to concentrate and differentiate the numbers and operations.

You do not want to lose your focus? You can easily turn off the sound with just a click to the sound icon.

With its time limit mechanic, you will improve your math skills. The increasing difficulty in each question will make you work your brains!

Core Mechanics of Math Tasks True or False are Simple!

Let’s see the core mechanics of the Math Tasks True or False!

  • Limited time: For each calculation, you will have a limited time. If you cannot answer the question correctly in time, you will be directed to the main menu and you will have to start over.
  • High Score: For each question, you solved correctly you will gain one point. With this system, you can challenge your friends in duels to see who has a higher mathematical skill! The more you play it the better you get! Beat everyone around you like a real intellectual!

How is Math Tasks True or False Played?

When you start the game from the main menu, you will see a mathematical calculation. Two buttons below the question indicate Cross for False and Tick for True. Click the corresponding button for each of the answers to the questions given. However, you will need to be quick about it! The bar above the True/False options shows the time you have left. If you can not choose the correct answer in time the game is over!


Can I play Math Tasks True or False for free on all platforms?

Absolutely. Since Math Tasks True or False is an online free-to-play game you can play it whenever and on whatever platform you have. Since the game is streamed online from our servers you will not even need to download it to your device!

Does Math Tasks True or False?

It ends when you say so! As long as you keep solving the questions correctly, you can play it for eternity. Each question given is a unique and a harder challenge!

Is Math Tasks True or False for Multiplayer?

Since the game does not have a competitive mode you can not play it against online people. However, you can challenge them on a face-to-face duel. Seeing their faces when they lose to you is way more fun than writing a simple “GG!” in an online competition.