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Drip Drop

Play NowDrip Drop

Do you trust your balancing abilities? Can you keep your cool even in the most critical of situations? Here is Drip Drop, a free online game where you can use your balancing skills and your cold blood. Try to balance a ball on a platform while trying to run away from raindrops.

Features of Drip Drop

Drip Drop allows you to turn on or turn off the in-game sounds and music. This feature is the best for people who like to focus during a game. It is a free-to-play online game that is streamed on a gaming website called so you will not have to pay any money or subscribe to a shady site to enjoy a game. The adaptability of the website makes it available to play on your pocket devices like smartphones. Any smartphone with Android/IOS/Windows operating systems can reach the website and play the game.

What is Great About Drip Drop?

The simplicity of course! There is always a simple rule in every awesome game you either need to compete with yourself or someone else so feel the joy. In this game, you can do both! You can either keep trying to better your own score or invite your friends to play this game as well and compare scores with them. You will have a blast while trying to figure out which one of you is the best at this free online game.

How to Play Drip Drop?

It is very simple but hard to master! Use your mouse (if you are on your phone use your finger) to rotate the platform until you find the sweet spot for balance.

Walkthrough of Drip Drop

This game is all about keeping the balance between the direction the platform faces and the ball.

You must make sure to move around just right so that the ball doesn’t drop. If you go too much to the right or too much to the left you will lose your balance and lose the round.

Frequently Asked Questions About Drip Drop

These are the most frequently asked questions about Drip Drop a free online game.

How can I play Drip Drop?

Since this game is free to and play and available on every platform, all you need to do is to visit the website and start the game!

Do I have to download Drip Drop to my computer?

Well lucky for you, no, no downloads are necessary to play Drip Drop. You can play it right from the website.

Will I lose my progress if I quit the website?

Well, one of the awesome features of is that it saves all your progress as you play any game. With Drip Drop once again this is the case. Your progress will always be saved.