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Aim Clash

Play NowAim Clash

Tired of searching for quality multiplayer games? Do you enjoy beating random players with your skills? Aim Clash is what you are longing for. Jump into a world of moving objects and sharpshooters. This free-to-play online game will be your and your friend’s new thing!

Features of Aim Clash

In Aim Clach you play as a sharpshooter. In each game, you are placed on a map filled with moving obstacles. Your opponent moves too. Try to work your brains out by figuring out a path to your bullet.

The accessibility on this game is of the higher side you can turn on or turn off the music to stop you from getting disturbed while you are trying to focus.

Aim Clash saves your scores. So after you exit you can keep on playing with the same score again. This feature is a key element in your progress.

Some Basic Mechanics of Aim Clach

Random matchups: When you press the play button you will be matched with a random online person. In each round, you will try to hit each other with your bullets. A single hit will destroy your enemy. After a session, you will be matched with another player on a different map.

Bouncing Bullets: Each bullet bounces from a surface 6 times. You will need to make precise calculations to hit your target through moving obstacles. On some maps, your character is moving too. This makes your experience more exciting and challenging.

Score System: From your first time a score table of your wins and losses are recorded. In every matchup, a scoreboard will show your and your foe's scores up to the session. Each win contributes as plus one and each loss counts as minus one. Do not forget you can drop below zero points!

Questions Mostly Asked about Aim Clash

In this section are some answers to your questions.

How Do I Play Aim Clash?

First, go to online game website. Then search for Aim Clash on the browser of the site. The controls of this game are very basic. Move your cursor to the point you want to shoot and click. You will let out a deadly bouncing rocket that will destroy your enemy in an instant.

Can I keep and delete my scores in Aim Clash?

Yes, you can! Since Aim Clash is streamed through website, your scores are saved on our servers. You can keep or clean your data from our servers with a single click. Just go to the main menu and click on the recycle icon. Then accept the warning to clear all your data. There you have it! A fresh start to the game.

Can I play Aim Clash with friends?

Yes, you can. Aim Clash is a free online game that you can play with friends on different devices. The game is web-based so you can play it with your phone/tablet/pc if it is connected to the internet.