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DuckPark IO

Play NowDuckPark IO

    Wanna race through slides? Wanna jump high and risk everything? Duck Park IO is what you seek! A matchup against real people and beat them all in a race of ducks but be careful sliding is not that easy! This brand new free online game that everyone will get hooked on.

    Features of Duck Park IO

    DuckPark IO is a free-to-play online multiplayer race game. In this game, you match up with real people to have the most breath-taking race ever! This game is simple yet so immersive. There is a level-based selection of different race tracks. The more you play the more you get! You can also customize your duck! The vast selection of skins is sure to have something that satisfies everyone. In DuckPark IO there are also three language options: Norsk, Netherlands, and English. So you can play with your foreign friends too!

    A Walkthrough of DuckPark IO

    This is an online game, so you will first have an internet connection.

    Then when you start the game you will see the menu in which you can change your skins and maps. When you press the play button, you will be taken to a matching room and will wait for the room to get full. Then the real fun starts! All of you will be placed on the same track where you can enjoy an exciting race in close contact. The only way to have a personal space is to be faster than them!

    Solid Mechanics in DuckPark IO

    • Leveling system: After each race, you will get a number of experience points based on your match score. The first one to finish gets the highest prize! With those experience points, you can unlock new tracks and race with harder opponents! Remember new tracks will not be as easy as the one before!
    • Coin System: Time is money! You will earn coins based on your score! The earlier you finish the richer you get! With the coins, you earned you can buy anything you want from the vast collection of skins!
    • Kicking people‚Äôs butts: On the race track is a matter of life and death. In DuckPark IO you can kick people out of the racing tracks! Got sick of some fast duck? Kick their butt!
    • Freediving: Due to the hyper-realistic physics engine in this game you can lose your grip and get off the tracks. Do not worry, if you are good enough you can turn this event. When you get out of the tracks you will not die instantly. You will have some airborne time. Use it carefully to land on a track or risk your life hunting power-ups!
    • Power-ups: They are either your worst enemy or your best friend. When you are on the tracks there are speed boosters along the way. You can use them to have an advantage over your opponents. However, if you use too much you will get off the tracks and take a huge risk! When airborne, they act as life-saving. Power-ups in the air are for flying your duck for a short amount of time. This short amount can be very critical in some situations but then again you can miss one of them very easily and die!

    Frequently Asked Questions About DuckPark IO

    Here you will see the answers to your frequently asked questions about DuckPark IO

    How Do I play DuckPark IO?

    The controls of this game are easy to learn. You only use your finger or mouse. Hold your duck and control its movement by dragging it to right or left.

    On which platforms can I play DuckPark IO?

    Since DuckPark IO is an online game, you can play it on any device like, smartphones, personal computers or tablets, you have that connects to the internet!

    Do I need any kind of paid subscriptions to play DuckPark IO?

    No, you do not! DuckPark IO is a free-to-play online game that needs no strings attached. You can simply reach the website of the game and start playing. None of your personal data will be asked by a subscription requirement.