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Angry Cat Shot

Play NowAngry Cat Shot

A very fun game where you can throw angry cats into hoops with a huge slingshot. This free-to-play online game will be your new favorite pass-time activity. Bored in a queue? Throw some angry cats. Got sick of waiting for the bus after work? Throw some angry cats.

Features of Angry Cat Shot

Angry Cat shot is a turn-based strategy and mini puzzle game. Its main aim is to throw cats into the hoops and hit the stars in the hoops while at it.

It is a free online game that requires no downloads or paid subscriptions. You can easily find the game on online game website.

Even the music of the game is composed to be fun and catchy, like everything it gets a bit boring after repetition. In the main menu, you can easily turn the music off and enjoy an undisturbed gaming experience.

Since it has great optimization it can be played on any device with a graphics processor.

The game has an advanced physics engine that makes you feel like you are throwing objects in real life!

Fundamental Mechanics of Angry Cat Shot

The main aim of Angry Cat Shot is fairly simple. So is the mechanics. You try to get the highest score you can with three health points. One health point is lost when you miss your shot or hit the side of a hoop. Do not worry your progress is not lost. You can pay a hundred points which you earned in the game and keep playing with full health! Each level has different setups. In each consecutive level, hoops get harder to shoot.

The Gameplay of Angry Cat Shot

Hold the cat on the slingshot and drag to adjust the throwing speed. The guiding line will indicate the path your cat will fly in. Be careful though, if you hit a hoop or miss your shot you will lose one of the three health points you have.

Frequently Asked Questions about Angry Cat Shot

We answered your curious questions about our game.

Will my progress be saved on Angry Cat Shot?

Yes of course! Your game data will be saved on our website servers so even if you exit from the site your passed levels will stay. You can leave the game without worries.

How do I find Angry Cat Shot?

Since Angry Cat Shot is an online game you can easily reach the game on Just type the name of the game you are looking for in the website browser and enjoy your fun gaming time.

Do I have to pay or create an account to play Angry Cat Shot?

Angry Cat Shot is a free online game. It is streamed on and our site does not require payments or subscriptions to play the games. You can freely play the amazing games we have without worrying that your data is used.