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Among Them Find Us

Play NowAmong Them Find Us

Among Them Find Us is the perfect game for you to discover hidden objects. Are you one of those people who like to discover hidden objects? Then this game will be just for you. You will love this game that requires you to find crews hidden on the screen that appears in front of you. Your goal in this game, which contains different content in each chapter, is to find 10 crew members. In this way, you will be able to open new chapters bypassing chapters. Do not forget that there are many fraudsters in the game. Clicking on these fraudsters will waste your time. To discover the crew in the game with careful inspection. We have shared information about the game for you below. You can start the review.

Among them Among Us

Before starting the game, we provide you with information about the game. By reviewing this information, you can enable you to play the game better. The instructions we have prepared for you are waiting for you below.

  • You must use a mouse or touch screen for the game.

    You have to click on the crews that are hidden in the game to find them. That's why you need to use a mouse. If you use phones, it will be enough to touch the crews that appear on the screen.

  • You must find the crews before the time runs out in the game.

    You are given a time on the screen that appears in the game. You must find all the hidden crews before this time expires. If you can't find the crews until the time runs out, you will start the level again.

  • You should be careful not to click on the fraudsters in the game.

    There are impostors in the game similar to your crews. If you click on the scammers too much, the time given to you will start to decrease. That's why you shouldn't click too much until you are sure of the crews.

  • In the game, you have to pass the levels and open new chapters.

    There are many sections in the game. To unlock different chapters, you need to finish your chapter. This situation will unlock new chapters.

Frequently Asked Questions About Among Them Find Us

You may have questions about the game. That's why we've created a frequently asked questions section for you. We have provided you with answers to frequently asked questions. Thus, you can find the an

Is it Possible to Pause the Game?

You are given a certain amount of time while you are in the game. You must finish the game before this time runs out. That's why there is an option to pause the game. You can pause the game and start it again at any time by clicking the option in the upper left corner.

What Happens If You Click On Fraudsters?

If you click on the fraudsters in the game, your time will be finish.