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Space Rush

Play NowSpace Rush

Hey you! Are you ready to go on an amazing journey with us? Buckle up and be ready to fly to the depths of space! This journey that we offer you as has full of attraction. If you are a space fan and if you trust yourself about overcoming the obstacles, you should try this game immediately! Save your friends, add them to your team, try to reach the perfect score. Before you start, let’s talk more about the game, Shall we?

How Can You Play The Space Rush?

If you decided to play this game, you will not regret it! You need to learn some controls first, do not worry, it is simple but full of joy!

  1. All you need is a controller
  2. To jump from the cliffs, you need to press the click left in your Mouse, or if you playing this game from a device with a touch screen, just tap the screen! Otherwise, you do not want to fall into outer space, or explode with the bombs!

  3. Collect the coins for many privileges
  4. Don’t you want to look better? With the coin you have collected, you can buy yourself the coolest hats! Or for a better gaming experience, you can buy power-ups and specials. All of them will double up your joy!

  5. Create the crowdest group
  6. The most people mean the most score. Step by step rescue your friends and add them to your gang. You should know that you have enough friends in your gang to rescue multiple non-rescued friends.

  7. Be careful about the obstacles
  8. Many bombs around the area are waiting for you to approach them, be careful! If you touch them, you may have to start from the beginning.

    If you hit the vehicles like tanks and planes, you can not keep going. You must start the game again.

    There are various obstacles placed for slowing you down. If you stick around to them, you can lose your gang members andı if it takes much longer, you may have to start the game again.

Frequently asked questions about Space Rush

To present you with a better gaming experience, as, we put frequently asked questions about Space Rush in order.

What happens if I lose people from my gang?

As long as you still have one character in the game, this will not be a problem, you can start to rescue them again. There will be many other chances on the road! If you lose every character, unfortunately, you have to restart the game.

Is there a time constraint in Space Rush?

No, there is not any time constraint in Space Rush. You can proceed with your gaming journey as long as you want.

If I start the game from the beginning, will I lose my coins?

No, you will lose your coins only if you close the page of the game.