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Among Us Smash Online Game

Play NowAmong Us Smash Online Game

Do you know the Among Us? This one better! The Among Us Smash is might be the prettiest but craziest game in the world. It might seem easy at first, but we know that you will want to do a better score every time. The game is easy to play, you should just smash the balloons. Hey, but where is the fun part? We will tell you, let's explore together the crazy world of Among Us Smash balloons.

More About the Game: How to Play?

Do you want to know about the game more? Let’s do it!

  • You can play the game both with a computer and touch screen devices.
  • It is the easy part. All you need to do is click on the website and having fun! If you will play the game on the computer, you need to use your mouse or the touchpad. However, If you prefer to play the game with touch screen devices, you just should smash the balloons with your fingers.

  • What is the deal with smashing balloons?
  • Well, we came to the fun part! There are different colored balloons on the game and you should smash them. But can you do it without smashing the dark blue ones? The game will get faster as long as you play it. You have the right to smash the dark blue balloons only three times. Otherwise, the game will end, and the score will be low. So, you need to smash all balloons except the dark blue ones. You need to be careful about the mixed balloons, too. A group of several balloons might try to cheat you by hiding the dark blue balloon between them. If you smash the balloon group, you will smash the dark blue balloon, too.

  • Scores
  • You will be able to see the highest and last scores at the top of the page. It smells like competition to us! You can play it with your friends respectively and invite them to a challenge! Let's see who gets the highest score?

  • End of the game
  • You will be able to save the highest score at the end of the game. You should see three different buttons at the end of the game, the first one on the right allows you to save the score.

  • Endless adventure
  • You can play how much you want to play the game! There is no limit to try again. Are you having a bad day? Smash the balloons!

Frequently Asked Questions About the Game

We have listed the frequently asked questions about the game. Let's see them first before driving into the fun!

Is the game free?

Yes! You always will be able to play it. Who says the fun should be paid?

Can I stop the game?

Of course! You do not need to worry about a quick dinner break. You will be able to see a "pause" button near the volume button at the top of the right.

Is the game being saved?

No. You can save the highest score If you want.