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Color Raid Online Free Game

Play NowColor Raid Online Free Game

Color Raid is a fun skill game where we try to progress through the sands and obstacles with colored men and complete the levels by reaching the finish line. There are colored men in the game. We're moving these guys in a sandbar. Meanwhile, we pay attention to the obstacles that we encounter and complete the levels by reaching the finish line. We continue the game by completing the chapters and unlocking new chapters. We continue the game by facing more challenging obstacles in the levels we unlock. Color Raid is ready to be played as a fun skill game designed for you, those who love children's games.

More About The Game

Run with your colorful soldiers and launch the biggest raid of all time now!

In this game you will work on amazing 3D platforms with cute little stick figures running hurriedly with their little feet. Your stickman troop will start each level with a defined color. This is important because it creates a route for them.

You can slide your cursor over the platform to open the way ahead. When you dig the route for them, they will automatically walk in that direction. Therefore, create paths that will allow their color to overcome their obstacles. Otherwise, they will not be able to pass these obstacles or they will disappear. Try to have as many stickmen as possible to fight the enemy unit waiting for them in front of the castle. Let's see if you can beat them and raid the castle!

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How To Play Color Raid?

While playing Color Raid game, you dig tunnels for your soldiers by dragging your mouse or finger on the screen. As you dig tunnels, your soldiers are slowly advancing towards enemy territory. There are fixed or mobile colored traps under the ground. You can pass through the same areas with the color of your soldiers. Your soldiers die one by one as you pass through different colored barriers. For this, you need to dig a tunnel towards the barriers that are under the ground and have the same color as your soldiers. In some parts of the track, there are gates to increase the number of soldiers.

At the end of the track, you encounter the enemy army and you have a field battle. The army with more soldiers wins the war and completes the level. You complete the Color Raid game by completely destroying the enemy army and conquering the enemy castle. We hope that you will experience a different adventure in each episode and have fun-filled moments.

You have to overcome the obstacles and guide the team in the color you want, you can increase the number of participants in the team by using the colors. Fight with other opponents and win in an exciting game. Use mouse or touch screen. Have fun!