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Sniper Trigger Revenge Online Free Game

Play NowSniper Trigger Revenge Online Free Game

The Most Fun Way to Destroy Criminals

Sniper Trigger Revenge Online Free Game is coming to catch criminals who escaped from prison. Get ready to fight with your stickman who needs your help to catch the notorious criminals. Defeat the enemies bypassing the levels in the game consisting of different sections. In this way, you can buy new weapons with the money you earn and make your shooting. Challenging stages await you at different levels. Beat the levels by collecting stars and killing criminals in each chapter. Your fun will continue uninterrupted in this challenging strategy game. Come on, let's start to review the information about the details of the game.

Detailed Information About Sniper Trigger Revenge

Before you start playing the game, we have created instructions for you. By reviewing this instruction, you will be able to play the game better. You can review the points you need to pay attention to in the game below.

  • You have to use the mouse and touch screen to aim in the game.

    In the game, you have to shoot the criminals and collect the stars. You must use the mouse and touch screen to provide this fire. You can aim and shoot against the stars and criminals with the mouse.

  • You can buy new weapons as you earn money in the game.

    You will earn money when you defeat the criminals and collect the stars by overcoming the difficulties in each level of the game. This will unlock new weapons. You can buy new weapons with the money you earn. Every combo weapon will allow you to shoot better.

  • You have to bounce your shots in some sections.

    Your shots must be different sometimes when shooting at criminals and collecting stars. It is possible to shoot at the walls in front of you and bounce the bullets. The bouncing bullets must hit the criminals and touch the stars.

  • You must pass the levels before you run out of bullets.

    You will be given a limited number of bullets while playing the game. You must defeat the criminals before these bullets run out. That's why you should do your shots in a way that you don't miss.

Frequently Asked Questions

You may have questions before or when you start the game. If you are looking for answers to these questions, you can review the frequently asked questions and answers that we have provided to you. In

What Should You Do to Earn Money in the Game?

To earn money on each level, you have to shoot all the stars. Also, kill the criminals who escaped from jail. After doing these, you will earn money at the end of each chapter.

What Happens If You Run Out Of Bullets In The Game?

If you run out of bullets in the game, you will have to start the level again. You are offered a limited number of bullets. You must pass the chapter before these bullets run out.