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Cooking Scene Online Game No Download

Play NowCooking Scene Online Game No Download

    A Legendary Online Cooking Game In a Little Restaurant: Have you ever wonder how is it running a restaurant? Serving and cooking foods, while doing this making all the process perfect. Feels amazing, right? Sounds delicious!

    Cooking Scene is a legendary online cooking game that you can cook meals and serve them to the customers of the restaurant. Let’s show your amazing cooking and management skills in the kitchen.

    Basics of Cooking Scene:

    Come on in, we have a restaurant to serve great foods. Let’s learn the basics of the whole restaurant business.

    • You should prepare the orders of the customers in the given time. You can see the time on the bar on their right.
    • Every customer wants their food in different ways. Look on to the orders carefully.
    • You should double click on the burger meat and sausage to cook them.
    • After you cooked the meat or sausage double click on the hot dog bread or hams. Then, drag the meat or sausage into them.
    • If the customer wants additional things like ketchup, tomato, or lettuce drag them into the bread, too.
    • To get green juice, you should wait till it refills.
    • When you finish the order drag the foods on the customer.
    • If you prepared the food wrongly, you can put it into the trash bin by dragging it to the recycle bowl.

    Cooking Scene Walkthrough

    Let's cook the most delicious meals in our little kitchen. A walkthrough:

    A talentedly cooked meal is one of the irresistible things in life, right? Come on in we cook burgers, hot dogs, cupcakes together. Let’s play this delicious game together as a walkthrough.

    • When we open the game we see four different people. A handy cook is cooking a burger on a griddle. It seems like it is a well-done beef. Not good, mate. While our chef cooking there are 3 customers in front of her. They are giving orders to her. We understand this from the speaking balloons on their head.
    • We click on the big blue start button with a yellow triangle in it. The game presents us with a level selection menu. There is a tutorial section below. We should select a restaurant to work on. The only choice we have is the left one. So we click on it. This is a fast-food restaurant with a giant burger statue.
    • The game tells how we play the game briefly. There is another level selection menu. We in the level of the dishwasher. We click on the first level to start.
    • We will be serving 9 people on this level. The first order is from a beautiful lady a burger without any sauce or vegetable and the green juice. We prepare these and give them to her.
    • The other order is a hot dog with ketchup and green juice. We prepare this, too.
    • The game goes on. You should continue it.