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Princess Soup Kitchen

Play NowPrincess Soup Kitchen

    Probably the best games on the internet are cooking games. But they force you to apply a specific recipe. What about freedom? No. We can hear your voice like “Someone has to make a free cooking game.”

    Princess Soup Kitchen is a free cooking game. You can cook soup in your recipe. Add vegetables or not. From the list of ingredients there is batwing but, please, don’t use it.

    Basics of Princess Soup Kitchen:

    In this section, you are able to learn the basic facts about the game.

    • Princess Soup Kitchen is a cooking game that you have no specific recipe for. In other words, you can cook however you like.
    • When you start the game there is boiling water you just add the ingredients.
    • You can add potatoes, bell pepper, rice, pasta, parsley, onions, carrots, tomatoes, corns, salt, curry, soy sauce, lemon juice, tomato sauce, chicken breast, and meat.
    • Also, there are weird ingredients like a unicorn horn, batwing (for god’s sake don’t use please), frog leg, dragon heart, and bird claw.
    • In accordance with your success with your recipe princess likes it or not.

    A Walkthrough on Princess Soup Kitchen:

    In the text below you can see our experience in the game. By a more gamer definition, this is a walkthrough of Princess Soup Kitchen.

    • When we open the game, a blonde beautiful girl is cooking some meal in a pot. We see the ingredients and question marks around her.
    • We click on the pink start button on the left bottom corner. We identify it by the white triangle on it.
    • In the beginning, there is small talk with the princess. Know we are free to go.
    • We chop carrots, tomatoes, onions, red peppers. As for vegetables. You know, the carrot is essential to cook great soup.
    • Of course, we add meat, too. The soup should be nutritive.
    • A little salt, and soy sauce. This mix seems weird but who knows maybe we invent a great soup recipe. You can never know without trying.
    • We click on the taste button. Oh uh! It seems like our beloved princess did not like the soup we cook. The game says ingredient overload.
    • The princess swells up like a balloon and rises.
    • PS: Don’t add too many ingredients to your soup.


    How can I cook a soup that the princess will love?

    Unfortunately, in this online cooking game, this is not so obvious. Probably you should use at least one magical ingredient for this issue.

    The princess does not taste my soup. Why?

    Before tasting, you should stir. You may have forgotten to stir the soup in this free soup cooking game.

    How can I cook better soups?

    When you cook in this free browser game, you should use fewer ingredients and at least one magical ingredient. That will work.