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High Shoes Online Game For Free

Play NowHigh Shoes Online Game For Free

How Far Can You Go On Stilts? Look at the cutest bear of the High Shoes! Do you want to know what makes it so cute? The stilts! Who does not want to see a bear running on the stilts, right? We all wore mama's high shoes when we were children. Let's do the same thing with the bear on the funny world of High Shoes! You have to avoid obstacles and wheels on the road when you are playing. Do not let this does scare you! If you play it well enough, you will not have to worry about the obstacles. Let's take a closer look at the funny world of High Shoes Online Game!

About The Game: How to Play it?

Let's look at the instructions together before the play!

  1. You can play the game both on a computer or touch screen devices.
  2. It is exactly the same for both of them. If you will play the game on the computer, you should use the mouse to roaming. You do not need to keyboard when playing this game. Or, If you want to play it on touch screen devices, you should need to the same thing but this time with your fingers.

  3. What is up with the stilts?
  4. Basically, you need to collect the stilts on the road. You can run away from the obstacles with basic moves but not all the time. Sometimes, you face longer and bigger obstacles than others. In this case, you cannot avoid them. Collecting the stilts important for that reason. If you have stilts that long enough, the obstacles cannot stop you.

  5. Diamonds on the game:
  6. If you want to change the cute character of the game, you going to need diamonds. When you at the main page of the game, you will see a blue button that has an animal picture on it on the right of the screen. That is the store. You can buy pretty characters from there!

  7. How can you increase the number of diamonds?
  8. As long as you played the game, the number of diamonds will increase. The game gives you diamonds at the end of the levels. So, it will be enough to have another animal with 5 or 6 levels later. Or, If you will say that "I cannot wait that much!", you can earn diamonds by watching the ads in the game.

  9. One more thing you should know:
  10. Do not worry guys! You cannot fell down from the sides. Yes, we admit that would be funny but, no.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Game

We trying to provide the funniest game. While doing it, we want to eliminate all questions in your mind, too!

Is the game free?

Yes! You can play the game anytime and anywhere. We demand nothing.

Is the game being saved?

Sure! You can always keep going from the last part you play. Also, your diamond savings are also safe!

Can I stop the game?

Unfortunately, no. But the good news is the levels are really not that long!