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Elastic Car

Play NowElastic Car

Probably you know the fact that we have hidden desires in our self-consciousness. Generally, it is hard to reveal.

Maybe, you have a traffic maniac in the deepest point of your soul. Do you wanna know? Elastic Car is a great game to reveal it. Let’s see if you are brave enough to hop in an Elastic Car. Fight like a brave! Most importantly, ride like a brave.

Basics of Elastic Car:

Elastic Car is the game for the traffic monster in yourself. Let’s reveal it by the details below.

  • Elastic Car is an endless runner game that you play with a car. This car is an Elastic one, when you become faster, the car shrinks. So, you can overtake the cars in the traffic.
  • You control the car with your mouse.
  • If you click on the screen and drag it upward, the car shrinks and goes faster.
  • If you click on the screen and drag it downwards, the car expands and goes slower.
  • If you overtake the cars when the crash is so close, you get extra points.
  • There is a golden car, if you toss it, you get a shield for a while.
  • If you smash the cars, you lose.

A Walkthrough on Elastic Car:

Do you want to experience the maximal crazy with us? Come on in, we have extra space in Elastic Car.

  • As we start the game, we see an empty road and a cool blue car. Hit the road Jack!
  • We click on the big yellow start button to start the game.
  • The game shows us the controls. We drag click on the left click and drag upwards to go as fast as we can.
  • We see a golden car. This car is the key to maximal crazy. So, we get it.
  • As we get the golden car, we start to wipe out the whole traffic jam.
  • Oh no! The time of the golden car expires, we don’t notice this. We directly toss our heads just after the fire department car. That was a pretty harsh car crash. We lose.


Are the controls of Elastic Car compatible with mobile devices?

Yes. Actually, the game itself is like an endless runner mobile game. This free online endless runner game can be both played on PC and mobile.

How can I get more points while I play Elastic Car?

To get more points when you are playing free Elastic Car unblocked, you should go as fast as you can and overtake the cars nearly you smash them. It is risky that way, but of course, this is the most fun way.

Should I download Elastic Car to play it?

Of course, not. To play Elastic Car on your device, you should open it just by your web browser. It will be handling the rest of the process.