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Moto X3M Spooky Land is if you are looking for a great game to play in your free time then you can play this game.

Moto X3M 6 is a skill game where you will ride a motorcycle and try to overcome the obstacles you encounter in the game. Your goal is to reach the finish line as soon as possible to get the most stars by completing that level. You can be sure that the game is quite challenging with plenty of obstacles to overcome and this makes the game more fun than ever.

You need to be sure that you do not crash or the body of your driver will not contact any surface. If this happens, you will lose the stage and have to start from the last checkpoint you have passed. There are various checkpoints on stages that you can save your progress and the game consists of hundreds of stages. If you crash and start from a certain checkpoint, the timer will not restart. Time is important because it determines how many stars you are going to get after you complete the stages when you play Moto X3M Spooky Land.

Play Spooky Land of Moto X3M Games for Kids

Moto x3m Spooky Land is a html5 game and can be played on every single computer with an even low internet connection. If you want to play the game, when you enter the game, you will directly click to the Play button. You may see some locked sections to play but if you look more carefully to under the screen you will see some scenes to play. And you will also see the arrow marks for back and forward direction. When you clicked to the forward arrow mark the game will open.

How to Play Spooky Land of Moto X3M Games for Children

This game is an easy game to play. To play the game, you will only use a couple of buttons on the keypad. Here we start to give tips about how to play this game:

  • The back button (<) will lift the front wheel of the motor.
  • The forward button (>) will lift the back wheel of the motor.
  • You have to go carefully and slow or you will die.
  • Do not lift your wheels too much.
  • Do not put into the waters and liquid toxins.
  • Keep away from the unclear objects.
  • Keep away from the obstacles.
  • If you are dead you should press to SPACE button on the keypad to continue.
  • Use arrows to move.
  • Up arrow increases your speed.
  • Down arrow decreases your speed.
  • The other arrows lift the motor pieces, be careful.
  • By using the arrows you can do a backward roll with your motor.
  • Be careful while you do tumble down over with motor.
  • There are different traffic lights. You must pass the lights successfully.
  • Try not to die and stay alive. You have to survive anyway.
17. Do not hurry and be logical.
  • Do not push every single keypad too much!

Play Online Spooky Land Motorcycle Game for Girls

So briefly, in this crazy moto x3m game, you will match against too hard obstacles. You have to be very balanced and logical. If you push the buttons too much, hard and long, the motor will throw you away and you will die. There are too many obstacles in the game and you have to be careful about those obstacles. First of all, and most importantly, you have to be slow in this game. Because in Spooky Land game every single step is full of baits, obstacles, toxic waters, and woods. They will all try to kill you. If you be logical none of them hurts you. However, if you are very fast if you are not logical and you always go fast, unfortunately, you will never pass the sections. When you pass every single section, your new game part will be opened and you will go to another level. Every level will be harder than the older one. That’s why the reason always tries to be logical and calm. Thinking more is secret!

The controls of the game are quite simple. The up arrow key on your keyboard helps you to accelerate. You can provide directions to your motorcycle with the right and left arrow keys. These keys will also help you to do back or front flips as well. You will crash in certain stages when you play Moto X3M Spooky Land and in such cases, you can tap the space button to restart the progression. This game is quite a fun game to play in your free time and we believe that you will love the Halloween theme of the game which makes it quite interesting.

Moto X3M 6 Spooky Land Walkthrough, Watch the video walkthrough of Moto X3M Spooky Land

Trick or Treat with Moto X3M 6 Spooky Land

Moto X3M Spooky Land is a stunt biker game released in October 2019. This is the sixth release of the Moto X3M series. This time, it's a complete Halloween theme in which you drive your motor through the spooky levels of Halloween and you have to perform all kinds of stunts to avoid the dangers that await you. Moto X3M is the ultimate series of motorcycle games where you have to avoid different obstacles to complete each level.

This series is the most popular in our category motorcycle game because of its mobile support and its increasing complexity over the levels.

How to play Moto X3M Spooky Land?

  • Press space to start
  • Use the up key to speed up
  • Use the down key to break
  • Use the left and right arrows to position yourself somersault
  • Do a lot of backflips for more time

How many levels are there Moto X3M Spooky Land?

22 different levels are in this game.

Can I play Moto X3M on mobile?

Yes, Moto X3M is an HTML5 game that can be played on iphone, android, tablets and on your PC.

What are the games of the Moto X3M series?

The Moto X3M series has 4 different moto platform games now.

What are the games similar to Moto X3M Spooky Land?

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Moto X3M 6 Spooky Land Walkthrough, Watch the video walkthrough of Moto X3M Spooky Land