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Charge Now Online Free Puzzle Game

Play NowCharge Now Online Free Puzzle Game

Oh, no! The Battery is About to Die, Charge it Online: One of the biggest problems in modern life is to charge our phones properly. What if there is more than one phone in the house and you should choose wisely? This is a nightmare. The nightmare of the post-modern people. What should we do?

Charge Now is a casual and easy puzzle game that you try to choose the sockets wisely. What if you choose poorly? Oh, no! The battery will die. No one should be far from their phones, their beloved ones. Well, there are issues about communication, but who cares? Totally, not us. Someone should be watching cute cat videos to say “Aww!”. Maybe you send it to your crush.

Basics of Charge Now:

This is an easy peasy lemon squeezy puzzle game. The only thing you need to follow the steps below. Have fun!

  • Charge Now is a hyper-casual puzzle game based on the most common problem of the era. You try to charge the phones with batteries about to die.
  • The biggest challenge in the game is to achieve the sockets, sometimes you should try different combinations.
  • The chargers are in different types and sizes. This is a problem to handle.
  • To charge the phones, click on them and drag them to the sockets. That’s all, folks!

A clear and understandable walkthrough:

We talked about the game a bit, but someone should show the first phases. You know, the beginning is the half of the whole process.

  • When we open the game, we see two sockets and a hand that moves. The wall is teal, seems peaceful.
  • There are only two buttons on the screen. The bigger orange one is to play the game. The other smaller white one is to improve the appearance of us.
  • We click on the orange button to start the game.
  • There is a yellow cellphone whose battery is about to die. We click on the cable to charge the phone. After we click on it, we drag it to the socket.
  • Well done! The phone is charged.
  • To continue, you can click the orange button. We drop out here at the top.


Can I change the appearance of the rope?

Yes, you can change the appearance of the rope. To do that, you should click on the market cart icon. In the best casual games of the market, this is done that way.

In the shopping session I can’t buy the appearance I want; how can I buy it?

You should collect more coins or watch a rewarded advertisement. You can get the best game object that way.

Is this game a good relaxing game?

Yes, Charge Now is a great relaxing game to blow of some steam. You can avoid stress by playing this casual game.