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Water Flow Game

Play NowWater Flow Game

Water Flow Online is the best game. How about saving a place where the village people need water? In this game we have prepared for you, you need to take the flows towards the right colors. If you like puzzle-style games, this game is created for you. Save the water by passing different stages and difficulties in the game. The life of the village people is in your hands. Join the fun with us and pass the challenging stages and get to know the perfect game.

Basic of The Water Flow Game

It will always help you to know the game when you start or before you start the game. We will give you information about how to play so that you can learn the instructions about the game. Come on and check out our guidelines. So the game will be much easier for you.

  • You can play the game with a mouse and touch screen.
  • While in the game you need to match the water streams with the correct colors. While creating these colors, you have to drag the water from the tap with the mouse. Therefore, if you are playing from a computer, you should use a mouse, if you are playing on a tablet or phone, you should use a touch screen.

  • You have to match the colors with the correct colors while in the game.
  • In the game, you must drag the colors flowing from the taps to the correct bottles. For example, you need to create a common section from the blue and pink color to the purple bottle. When creating this section, you must be careful not to change the color of other water bottles.

  • In the game, you must pass the levels to save the village people from thirst.
  • There are 24 levels in total in the game. Each of these levels has different colored bottles and taps of different colors. If you make the correct matches, you will complete the chapters by overcoming the puzzles. When you complete the levels, you will save the village people from thirst.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Water Flow Game

You can play the game easily thanks to the instructions we give about the game.

Now, we wanted to answer frequently asked questions for you. In this way, you may find the answers to your questions about the game below. We recommend that you take a look. Come on and let's start the review.

How Can We Create Different Colors?

If you combine the waters of the faucets you come across at one point, you can create different colors. It will be correct to direct you towards the desired bottle in these different colors.

Is It Possible To Pause The Game?

There is no button to pause the game. But you can play the game as you wish indefinitely. In this way, it is possible to leave the game and continue whenever you want.

Can We Play The Game With Mobile Support?

Yes, you can play our game with mobile support whenever you want.