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Escape Out

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Sometimes it is boring to live in a cycle. Let’s change the condition you live in. Imagine you are a prisoner that lives in jail. You would do whatever do to escape, right? Furthermore, the walls will be your greatest enemy. There is a life out there and you are trapped there like a rat. Is this fair? Society needs justice for all!

So, there is a game like this. Escape Out is the game that you will be able to break the law in it. You escape from jail in the coolest way. What is it? Digging a tunnel of course. Remember the cool western films you have watched. The criminals were escaping by digging a tunnel. At the end of the day, home free, home!

Basics of Escape Out

The amazing game Escape Out is a casual game that is too easy to play. If you are new to this concept. We will be explaining to you how you play the game.

  • Escape Out is an escape game. Your goal is to help a prisoner to get out of jail.
  • To help the prisoner, you will be a digging tunnel for him.
  • Try to collect all the items you found on your way. For example, you should touch the bomb to open your path. The other things like money or gem are used to customize the appearance of the car and the prisoner.
  • To dig a tunnel, click the dirt below the jail and drag your cursor towards the way you wanted. The prisoner will start to walk.

Escape Out Walkthrough

We are breaking the law, let’s join us

We decided to help our criminal friends in jail. We will be making a jailbreak. Let’s come and join us.

  • When we entered the game, the game explains how to play it. When we click on the screen, it starts. There is a prisoner in jail. The dirt is purple. It is an interesting choice for dirt.
  • Anyway, we dig a tunnel to escape out of the jail. When we start the digging process, the prisoner walks in there. The first level is so easy. We get out of the jail by digging a tunnel. In the end, there is a car waiting for our escape. We get into it.
  • Our prisoner is happy. He is dancing right now. We gained sixty bucks by the way. There is a luck game to earn gifts. We pull the lever. After we pull the lever, we watch an advertisement. This is a rewarded advertisement.
  • There is a red gem on the second level. While we dig our tunnel to escape, we collect it to use it anywhere in the game. This gem is equal to 10 bucks. We continue we take a chest. The chest is equal to 40 bucks. There is a ladder at the end of the level. After that, our prisoner uses it to access his friends in the car.
  • The level end successfully. Our prisoner walks towards freedom.