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Hungry Shark Arena

Play NowHungry Shark Arena

Did Hungry Shark Arena sound scary? You must be ready for the super immersive adventure action game into the ocean! There is a hungry shark around which needs to eat something. Are you ready to survive with other dangerous sharks? You need to feed the shark and make its size bigger every time! You do not need to try to find free exciting action games online because when you start to play this amazing shark game, you will not want to play any other game! Let’s look at how to play and tips that will help you in the game!

How to Play Hungry Shark Arena

You will be able to play the incredibly enjoyable shark game online and you do not need to download it. You can directly click the game and start to play. While you will be able to play the action game online on your browser, you can also play it on mobile at the same time. Before you start to play, we have some tips for you!


There are some tips for you that you will be able to need in the game! If you would like to have a stronger and bigger shark, follow the tips!

  • Eat, Grow & Kill: If you want to be bigger and stronger, you need to survive first! You must know that toxic can kill you!
  • Dash through another shark to kill it: If you will eat the shark which is smaller or the same size as you, it will give you more points in the game and that means you will grow and get stronger faster.
  • Dash toward the surface to jump out: You do not need to eat the creatures which are in the water, you can also feed the shark with the birds which are in the sky. You can jump out and grow more!
  • You can dash through multiple sharks: If you see some sharks around, you do not need to attack only one of them. You will be able to dash through multiple sharks which are around you. You will eat more, grow more, and kill more!
  • Eat prey to grow big and to get stronger: If you do not attack anything, you will not be able to grow. You need to survive in the dangerous ocean life. So, you need to eat prey and grow. You will be able to get stronger whenever you eat prey.
  • You can only kill sharks with smaller or the same size as you: You will not be able to kill the sharks which are bigger than you. There are some sites that you need to reach. If you can’t reach those sizes, you will not be able to eat many different creatures in the game as well. So, you can only eat the sharks which are smaller than your shark or the same size as your shark.