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Adam And Eve Adam The Ghost

Play NowAdam And Eve Adam The Ghost

In this cute little puzzle game, we play as our cute character, Adam! Adam’s main goal is scaring people. You might not agree with his end goal but we gotta help him. Try to solve these smartly created puzzles as you course through this adventure with our main character.

Features of Adam The Ghost

This is a free to play 2d game. Therefore, you will be able to play it without any downloads or waiting periods. Just enter the website and click on the game. That will start this amazing adventure. No payments or registration will be necessary. It’s a great game for casual players looking to enhance their evenings with some brain exercises.

Mechanics of Adam The Ghost

Want to explore the mechanics of Adam the Ghost? Let’s have a look at them!

  • Click Counter: As you try to figure out the solution to a level. Your clicks will be counted when you try the possible solutions on your mind. This feature will help you keep track of your progress as well as provide an opportunity for friendly competitions as you compare scores with friends.
  • Environmental Items: Your main help is the environment. You will need to find the appropriate places/items to click to solve these different puzzles. Make sure you understand your environment well before you start solving these levels.
  • Targets: These are the people you are trying to scare. The main goal is scaring your target at every level so make sure you find your target person on the current map first before you begin solving.
  • Distractions: There are a couple of different environmental items that have nothing to do with the solution as well. These are distractions. Make sure to keep an eye out for them. You should also try to avoid them as they will cost you more clicks.

How to Play Adam The Ghost?

It is very simple! If you are using a phone just use your fingers as a pointer to select the items.

Click the items on the map as you try to solve the levels. You don’t need any other equipment. If you are using a PC, a mouse will also work.

Frequently Asked Questions about Adam The Ghost

These are the most frequently asked questions about Adam The Ghost a free online game.

How can I play Adam The Ghost?

There is no download needed. Just enter and play the game. The game will begin as soon as you click on it.

Do I have to download Adam The Ghost to my computer?

Since Adam, The Ghost is a free-to-play online game you will not need to download anything you can just play it as it is.

Will I lose my progress if I quit the website? has an awesome system that saves your game progress as you play. This will make sure your progress doesn’t get deleted if you quit the website.