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Foot Shot

Play NowFoot Shot

Hey folks! Are you ready to play some great free games on your cell phone? Here is a game that you cannot get enough of it: Foot Shot. You will be the shooter and all you have to do is shot the targets in front of you.

You have got three chances be careful. You can also change the background if you wish. You can enjoy the fun of the soccer game just in your hand. What are you waiting for? Let’s play the game and make a score!

Before starting the game, there is written all you need about the game. Let’s review them and start the game right away!

How to Play Foot Shot: Be the Best

  • Click on the start button and let the game begin. You will be the soccer player and the game will go on with your point of view. There will be a soccer goal in front of you and you will try to make a goal. At first, you will see a little instruction about the game which says “Swipe to Play”.
  • There will be a target inside of the soccer goal in the color red and white with stripes. You will try to hit this target as you shoot the ball. You can specify your target by swiping the ball with your finger as you drag on the screen of your cell phone. Then, break your finger from the screen and shoot to the target.
  • For each time you will be given three balls which are referring to the lives you have in the game. The game will go on as you hit the targets, but if you miss the target or crash hard to the poles of one of your lives will be lost. Don’t worry not every crash will lose you one of the lives.
  • In the game there is three background where you can play the soccer. You can see a landscape icon on the left-hand side of the page, and change it the way you like to play in. The background can be a soccer field, a soccer saloon, or a soccer field with a mountain view.

Frequently Asked Questions About Foot Shot

Here are the faqs and answers about Foot Shot if you still have question marks in your mind. Let’s take a glance at it!

Are there any language options?

Yes, there is. You can play the game in English or French. You can change it by the flag icon on the left-hand side.

Can I play it with my friends?

Unfortunately, you cannot. It is a single-player game for now.

What happened if I miss all three chances?

Don’t worry about it. You can re-start the game over.