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Basketball Street

Play NowBasketball Street

What is the most legendary sport existed in human history? Imagine a sport that just carries the name of an old school object. Like all the legendary sport that the players are the coolest human beings in the universe. What is that sport? Of course, it is basketball.

The fans, the cool teams with cool mascots. How come a sports team with a bull not to be cool? Anyway, basketball street is a game that you can feel this incredible notion of basketball on a regular computer with an internet connection in it. Sometimes it is a little annoying. So what, basketball has annoying features, too. Grab your friend and make a bet based on this. You know real man plays a game for real objects. Nah, it is not even close to gambling. It is improving the conditions for the winning party.

Basics of Basketball Street

How do you play the game? How do you score? Why this game becomes annoying sometimes? Let’s explain briefly.

  • Basketball Street is a basketball game based on free shots around the field.
  • Your goal is to make the highest score.
  • To make a shoot, click on the ball and drag it. While you are dragging your cursor, you will be able to see the shooting angle. If the path of the ball achieves the hoop, release the ball by the end of the pressing.
  • If you drag out your mouse cursor from your screen, you need to click again. You should keep your mouse cursor inside the screen. That’s the hard part.
  • You have 10 balls to use, every score adds one ball. If you miss the shoot, you lose a ball. If you end all the 10 balls without the round ends, you lose the round.

Basketball Street Game Walkthrough

So, we wear our trainers. The ground seems nice, you see, our fans shouting our name. This is a great day for a game. Let’s go people.

  • We open the game with our browser. There are hoop and a ball. There are no fans, they are in our heart. So, what is the proverb, if life gives you lemons, make lemonade then. We click the giant orange play button to start.
  • The game tries to help us. But we are already MVPs. So, we skip the help screen. By clicking the button on the left bottom corner.
  • The game countdowns. And it is on! The ball is in an easy peasy lemon squeezy area. We got our first score.
  • But the second shot. Aw, man! We have to make a score from a near place in Uranus. How? It is impossible. We withdraw this shot with our honor. The hard part is you cannot drag the ball while you try to keep the cursor inside. This should be considered a crime against human rights.
  • The other shot is a bit easy. We got it too.
  • Come on new Lebron! You can continue the game for us.