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Interstellar Run Game

Play NowInterstellar Run Game

Interstellar Run is a legendary game that will allow you to spend endless time in space with its challenging stages. You will face various challenges that will await you in this game. You will try not to fall into the void by exploring the deepest parts of space with your character. In this way, your goal will be to achieve high scores by making progress. If you want to discover this game that you will play in space, you can start playing immediately. In addition, you can optimize your gaming experience with the information we have prepared for you in our article.

How to Play Interstellar Run Game

If you want to pass the challenges waiting for you in the game in the best way, you should review the instruction we have prepared for you. In this way, you will learn detailed information about the game. Information about the game you will complete in the best way is given below.

  • You must use keyboard keys to play the game.

    In the game, you will need to provide the movement of your character. That's why you have to use the W, A, D keys or the arrow keys to make the necessary movements. You must also press the spacebar to make your character jump. There will be options on the screen for those playing on mobile.

  • In the game, you shouldn’t try to fall into the spaces of space.

    During your movement in the game, you will come across space spaces. If you fall into these space voids, you will have to start the game again. That's why you have to jump over the spaces of space or head to different parts.

  • You shouldn’t try to touch the lasers in the game.

    You will come across many lasers in the game. It will cause you to restart the game with the laser. That's why you have to stay away from the lasers by trying not to touch them.

  • You should try to get the highest score in the game.

    As you progress in the game, your score will increase. Go through all the obstacles and make progress to reach the highest score in the game. To compete with your score.


You may have questions about the game. To answer these questions and to have a better experience with the game, you can review the questions and answers below.

What Happens If You Touch The Lasers In The Game?

If you hit the lasers that appear in the game, you will have to start the game again. That's why you should try to escape from the lasers with the movement keys.

What Should You Do for the Highest Score in the Game?

If you progress with your character without errors, it will be possible to achieve a high score in the game.

What Should You Do To Avoid Falling Into Gaps?

In order not to fall into the gaps, you must make your character jump or move the platform.