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GTA Quiz Online Game

Play NowGTA Quiz Online Game

Howdy, y’all? Grand of Theft V is the peak of the game industry as we all know. You love the story and the characters, right? Do you want to test yourself on the knowledge of GTA V?

GTA Quiz is the online quiz game that examines your knowledge of the story of GTA V. We will be giving you the photos of the characters from the game; you give us the names. Is this a good deal, homie?

Basics of GTA Quiz:

Let’s see the basics of the GTA Quiz.

  • GTA Quiz is the quiz online game that examines your knowledge on the god tier game Grand Theft Auto V.
  • The game shows you the pictures of the characters from GTA V and wants you to recognize them.
  • When you select an option, you should click on the green arrow at the bottom of the screen to continue.
  • If you make a mistake the quiz ends.

A Walkthrough on GTA Quiz:

Keep up, y’all. We gathered around with our homies and looking at the pictures together.

  • We click on the big blue start button to start the game.
  • The first question is too easy. There is the photo of Michael from GTA V. We click on the option as Michael De Santa.
  • The second question is about our lovely sociopath Trevor. There is his photo on the screen. We click on the option as Trevor Philips.
  • The next question includes a familiar face too. Our T-Dog from GTA V. The good boi of the gang. He is Franklin Clinton, folks.
  • We pass to the next question. This question is a bit harder than the rest of the question. There is a lady on the screen. She is doing the namaste sign with her hands. Probably she is the wife of Michael. So, he would be Amanda. With her full name, Amanda de Santa.
  • In the next question, we see a gamer boy with his headphone on. This boy is the son of Michael. And its name is… (sorry guys not John Cena) Jimmy De Santa. Son of Michael De Santa.
  • We end the quiz with great success.


Which kind of knowledge is asked in GTA Quiz?

In that online quiz game, you will be the subject of questions on only the characters from the game. There is nothing about the story.

Is there anything about the other GTA games?

No, in this free online quiz game all the questions are about just GTA V. You can look for the other online GTA quiz games from our website.

Can I play GTA Quiz on my mobile device?

Yes, you can play this free browser game with your mobile device’s web browser. There is no necessity to download the game.