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Cristiano Ronaldo Kick n Run

Play NowCristiano Ronaldo Kick n Run

Run with Ronaldo Online in Italy: For most people, Cristiano Ronaldo is a living football legend. He is the symbol of being a hardworking professional. Football is literally his life.

There is a game that you can be Ronaldo for a time. It seems like Ronaldo is running in the streets of Italy. While he running with a ball he looks for all the possible shooting opportunities. God, this man is as clever as a hunter!

Basics of Cristiano Ronaldo Kick n Run:

Even if the main logic behind the game is easy, playing an endless runner game is not a usual thing. So, let’s explain how do you play this game on your computer.

  • Cristiano Ronaldo Kick n Run is an endless runner game. The main character is the active Portugusean football legend, Cristiano Ronaldo. Your goal is to make accurate shots and run wherever as you can.
  • To go to the left, click on the screen and drag the cursor to the left.
  • To go to the right, click on the screen and drag the cursor to the right.
  • To jump, click on the screen and drag your mouse cursor to the up.
  • To slide under an obstacle, click on the screen and drag your mouse cursor to the bottom.
  • To make a shoot click on Ronaldo while you see the aiming icon on an object. Ronaldo will be shooting well as always he does.

Cristiano Ronaldo Kick n Run Walkthrough

Let’s run with Cristiano Ronaldo to destroy the defense: A Walkthrough

We explained to you how do you play the game. But it is obvious that it is more explanatory when you watch people when the people show you how it’s done.

  • When we open the game Cristiano Ronaldo starts to run. Who is chasing him we don’t know? Maybe this person might be Charles Puyol. They were fighting in an El Clasico but as we said, we don’t know.
  • The streets remind us of the narrow and long streets of Italy. Yes, this is Italy. Even if this is Italy we see posters of French flags. Bro, that’s weird.
  • There is a bus just on the way. We swipe the screen to the left to get over the bus. Cristiano Ronaldo clearly doesn’t want to toss a bus.
  • After the bus, we see football players in blue clothes. Well, they are probably from the French national team but why? This game starts to become weirder. They try to make us fall by a sliding motion. We tackle them by avoiding them.
  • After these people, there is a barrier on the way we get over it by jumping over it.
  • After the barrier, there is another barrier. We avoid it by sliding under it. There is a Nike icon on this barrier, by the way.
  • We have an opportunity to shoot the ball. Hurray! The accuracy of Cristiano Ronaldo is without any arguments.
  • Ronaldo continues to run, so the game does.