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Tennis Masters Game

Play NowTennis Masters Game

Tennis is the most elegant sport in the world. People watch tennis matches for hours. Because it is fun.

Today we will be presenting you with a legendary tennis game that you will be able to play as one of the greatest tennis masters in the field. Tennis Masters is an online tennis game that you can play lonely or with your buddies.

Basics of Tennis Masters:

There are not so many tennis games online. So it will be harder to get through the game. To get over this issue we will be explaining to play the game below.

  • Tennis masters is a tennis game that you can both play single player or multiplayer. The characters in the game are based on the actual tennis masters.
  • If you play single player, you will be using “W, A, D” to move. Also, you will use “X” to hit the ball smoothly and “Z” to smash the ball.
  • If you play in multiplayer mode, the other player will be using the arrows in the keyboard to move. Also, the other player will be using “L” to hit the ball smoothly and “K” to smash the ball.
  • There are several boosts in the game. To get the advantages of them you should touch them with the ball.
  • The pacifier icon will be making you baby and smaller.
  • The ice icon will be freezing where you are.
  • The fire icon will be unstoppable in your shoot.
  • The shell icon will be making you a slug and you will move slower.

Tennis Masters Walkthrough

Let’s show how powerful our forehand skills: A walkthrough

You will be able to see the main controls and the philosophy of the game. In this section, we will be playing the game together.

  • When we access the opening menu of the game, we see two people are standing up. This menu takes place on a tennis court. There are a man and a woman. The man seems like Rafael Nadal and the woman seems like Maria Sharapova. Also, in the background, we see tennis fans.
  • On the left, there are three buttons. These are “1 Player”, “2 Players”, and “Quick Match”. We click on the 1 player button. As you all know, we are all alone.
  • As we click on that button, we see three options. These are “tournament”, “friendly match”, and “back”. As being the individual of modern society, we should go further, not back. We click on the friendly match.
  • There is a selection menu. We select ourselves “Rafa” this is probably “Rafael Nadal”. We select the opponent as “Kiki” from the Netherlands.
  • The match starts harshly for us. Kiki makes an ace and a point. Oh Gosh! This match is a mess.
  • She dominates us. We just direct her moves. This is a total disaster. We give up.