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Zumba Mania

Play NowZumba Mania

Who likes games of sorting balls? We love them! If you also like them, you are on your lucky day buddy, we will offer you a great game that you will love too.

Zumba Mania is a game that you will keep playing for minutes without any break. If you ask us about, what makes this game this special? We will be glad to tell you! Let's briefly talk about Zumba Mania. Are you ready?

Zumba Mania has a game format that you are familiar with, but we assure you it gives you joy more than other games! Especially when you have success at the last minute, you are free to brag with yourself as much as you want! Before you play it, it is good to have some information about it. It can increase your fun while playing. I mean, who would not like to be successful at the first time playing, right?

More About Zumba Mania

  • You can use your controller or finger
  • If you are playing this game from a computer, just detect where you will send the ball and click left. If you are playing Zumba Mania from a game with a touch screen, use your finger to detect the direction.

  • You should match the exact colors
  • You have to match three same color balls to shorten the line. Try to memorize where are they while playing, in this way it will be easier to play!

  • You have to be fast as you can
  • You have to finish the line before the way ends. Otherwise, unfortunately, you will fail.

  • Do not break the order
  • If you send the balls to the irrelevant place which does not contain the same color ball as the one you sent, it will only cause the line to lengthen.

  • There are many levels in Zumba Mania
  • Zumba Mania has sixty levels in total. We believe you can complete all of them successfully. You do not even understand how time goes.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Zumba Mania

Before you play the Zumba Mania, we thought it would be good for you to read some of the frequently asked questions. In this way, you will be playing Zumba Mania completely prepared.

If I pause the Zumba Mania, can I continue where I left before?

Yes, if you pause the Zumba Mania, you can continue from where you left without any problem.

What are the power-ups and what do they work?

You can buy power-ups from the store with the diamonds you have collected at the game. They will ensure you end the line faster by eliminating the same colors of balls.

Should I turn back to the first level if I fail?

No, if you fail at one level, you only should repeat that one.