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Draw Rider Game

Play NowDraw Rider Game

Hey folks! Are you into some racing game We are in front of you with a game that you would not try before? You will be in the charge of the vehicle but in an original way.

You are going to draw your wheels. Yes, you read it correctly! Try to draw them rounder as much as you can; that will make life easy for you. Also, try to follow the drawing tips. Collect the coins and improve your vehicle. If you are ready, let the game begin!

Walking through the Draw Rider

The race will be starting in a minute. Don’t worry and review all the following and join the race. Have fun and good luck!

  1. As you tap to the screen the game will start. You will race with a random opponent at each level. You need to win the race to go to the next level, otherwise, the level is repeated. Also, keep that in mind you can repeat the level whenever you want. Just click the orange button with the turning arrow inside and start over.
  2. For starting to race you should draw a wheel inside the box that you will see at the bottom of the page. The shape of the wheels will directly affect the speed of you so try to draw it rounder as much as you can.
  3. You should re-draw the wheels during the race. Watch carefully inside of the box because there will be hints or the shape of the wheels. You should use the hints as a guide for your drawings.
  4. When you are climbing or overthrow something on the road the shape of the wheel should be different. Also, while you have to speed up your vehicle you should draw a straight line as it is indicated inside of the box.
  5. During the race, you will be collecting coins on the roads. You can see the number of coins on the right corner of the page. Later on, you can use these collected coins for changing your vehicle with the improved ones. You can choose the vehicles from the shop icon on the home page.

Frequently Asked Questions About Draw Rider

Here are the faqs and their answers about Draw Rider. We are here to answer all the questions on your mind!

What happens if I draw a shape rather than round?

The game will continue but most probably that would be a disadvantage for you. Try to draw a round shape.

Is this a game for double players?

No, unfortunately, you can only play it as a single-player. Your opponent will be the computer.

Will my coins be saved?

Yes, of course! Even, if you are repeating the level all the coins you have collected will be saved.