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Maths Challenge 1

Play NowMaths Challenge 1

Like your body, your brain needs exercise to make its functions better. To live, to survive all the exercises is crucial.

Or you can give a shot to our legendary math game. Maths Challenge 1 provides you the opportunity for mental exercise. It is scientifically proven that math makes your brain work. If you force your brain to solve even the basic questions in math you will be able to open your mind easily on several occasions. Ok, you get the fundamentals of the game and its pros. Let’s roll!

Basics of Maths Challenge 1

  • Maths Challenge 1 is a competition game based on the basic knowledge of math. Your supreme ambition is to give as correct answers as possible.
  • To answer a question, you have 10 seconds. After you answer a question, this time regenerates itself.
  • If you give a wrong answer game is over.
  • The measurement in this challenging game is the four basic operations in elementary school level math.
  • This is not a total game for children, it would be beneficial for mental exercise.
  • There is no order from basic to harder questions. The questions are generated randomly from the database of the game. A really harder question can continue with a question like "1 + 1 = ?". Don’t yell at the game.
  • So, this game is not compatible with creating bets on it. Probably it will not be fair. Don’t be bad with your friends.

Maths Challenge 1 Walkthrough

Let’s measure our IQ level by playing this game.

  • When we open the game there is a menu like you opened the page in a telephone app. The logo of the game is shaking like a lever on the screen. The visuals create a sense of a steampunk universe. There are several geometric objects with sharp edges. There is an area for highs cores. Below it there is our play button. We click on it.
  • Here comes the first question. Unfortunately, it is not a trick question. The game says, “8 - 12 = ? ”. Everyone knows the answer to this question should be minus 4. We thought this game was a challenge in the field of math. D’oh!
  • The game asks us the following line. “11 x 99 = ?”. It is, of course, 99. Literally, every single soul in the universe knows this. Please, send us the next question.
  • “168 : 14 = ?”. Well, at the end of the day a good question. The answer? The answer is 12, folks.
  • We quit the game, you can continue.

When you wake up this game is better than checking your notifications in social media accounts. A little mental exercise awakes you better than the stories or new photos of your social network. Also, if you are a primary school student, this game will be beneficial for your homework in your math classes. You should totally give it a try.