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Princesses and Pets Photo Contest

Play NowPrincesses and Pets Photo Contest

    An Amazing Competition of Spectacular Things: Getting likes by your favorite friends is fun, right? No doubt, your pet is your closest friend. What if we invite you to a contest with your closest friend?

    Our sweet game is about a contest like this. Two beautiful girls challenging themselves into a photo contest with their best buddies. You help them to create the greatest composition for a selfie. Even if it is not professional, a good selfie requires several features. So, a tasteful person should behind a legendary selfie. Come on! These beauties need help with their photo. Use your creativity and arrange every single girl with a great selfie. At the end of the day, the perfect match will be defined by their follower base. You will be showing your skills. Who knows, maybe you will be a famous stylist in the future. Go, girl!

    Basics of Princesses and Pets Photo Contest

    • Princesses and Pets Photo Contest is a contest game. Your goal is to arrange a rivalry between two beautiful girls.
    • In the game, you can determine every possible element in a photo.
    • There are two girls. One of them is blonde and the other one is a redhead.
    • You determine the following features of girls’ photos: The pet they take a selfie with, their facial expressions, their clothes, the accessory they carry, their hairstyle, and the background of the photo.
    • To determine things, you should click the icons on the bottom and select them from the list on the right.
    • When you decide the things above, you take the pictures.

    Princesses and Pets Photo Contest Walkthrough

    Their likes on Instagram define the winner. We are creating a great composition together. A walkthrough

    • We start the game by opening its page. There is a pink start button. We click it to be in a spectacular competition.
    • We see our girls who will be in a wonderful challenge. The pink start button is on the left bottom of the screen. We click on it.
    • Our girls are in a friendly conversation. The blonde girl invites our cute redhead girl to a challenge by taking a selfie with her pet. She accepts. So, CHALLENGE ACCEP... WAIT FOR IT... TED. Challenge accepted! Our cool phone appears on the screen with a message that tells us we have invited a contest. Let’s start by clicking the pink join button.
    • The first girl is a redhead. We see her with her cute strapless bra. First, we select her pet. A black cat would be great. Her facial expression should be a smile. It enhances her face’s amazing beauty. There is a black leather jacket made for her. She should use it. For accessories, we decide to give her a motorcycle. Our girl is a tough one! A rocker. Also, her hairstyle is following her unique style. Background? A lonely road is excellent.
    • When we prepared the first girl, a start button appears again. You can prepare the blonde girl with your taste. We love redheads.