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3 Card Monte Online Game

Play Now3 Card Monte Online Game

    The Proof that Keeping the Things Simple Is the Wisest Choice: Remember Motörhead and the group’s cool lead, Lemmy Kilmister. The group’s most known song is obviously Ace of Spades? The ace of spades impresses people in the sense of agony to survive. You know the lyrics, "born to lose, live to win".

    We present you with the most entertaining card game with an ace of spades. Also, it is an amazing party game, too. You will be finding out how to play 3 Carte Monte and how to use it as a competitive party game with your fellows. Let’s begin!

    Basics of 3 Carte Monte

    • 3 Carte Monte is one of the greatest party games ever. When your focus level decreases, the game shapes a more funny texture. The laughter you earn is additional.
    • The game is a card game. There are three cards on the screen. Two of the cards are ace of clubs. The other card is an ace of spades.
    • The goal assigned you by the game is to select the ace of spades. You know, the coolest card of the playing cards deck.
    • At the start, all the cards will be open. Your computer will act as a croupier by organizing the game. After a little while, the cards will be closed. You should open your eyes and follow the ace of spades. The computer will be mixing the cards randomly. Be aware. If you select the wrong card, you will be losing. According to some gamblers, some people born to lose and live to win. Be that guy.

    3 Card Monte Walkthrough

    Let’s take a deeper look at 3 Carte Monte: A walkthrough

    • Today we will be in the funniest party game ever. We gather around our buddies and enter the game. The game has one single button to be in the game. As we coined out in the topic. It is always better to keep things simple. The button says, “tap to start”. So, we tap to start.
    • After that, we see two closed cards and an ace of spades. That’s the whole game, folks. Below those cards, there is an orange button to play. We click it.
    • When we access the game section, the game explains the goal. Finding the ace of spades. Or else, we lose.
    • When you click on the screen, the game starts. The computer replaces the card again and again. The only thing we need to do is focusing on the screen. We win the first round.
    • We endure for legendary 10 rounds and resign with our honor. As a proud ruler, we resign our throne with our free will.

    As we mentioned you can use this simple card game as a party game. How? Create a league system based on the points earned on the game. In a phase of the party, create the order. That’s it.